Paintzen Wants to Know – What’s Your Zen?

Paintzen was founded to simplify painting: a process that is traditionally time-consuming and complex. It’s our goal to give you back your time and offer you peace of mind. We handle the work for you and reduce the number of things you have to worry about.

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Our digital color inspiration tools and convenient color consultants, help alleviate any concern about your project. Paintzen is here to guide you on your path to the perfect color for your home because we believe that something as simple as a coat of paint can uncover the beauty that already exists within your space.

What’s Your Zen?

So, why do we ask “What’s Your Zen?” By giving your time back to you, Paintzen aims to make your life a little less hectic and a bit calmer. With that calm, we hope you are proactive in taking a break and rediscovering your zen.

Painting Simplified

How do we do it? How can Paintzen reduce the stress in your life? The Paintzen platform and its services streamline the painting process, by bringing paint color inspiration, choosing the best house painter, and getting a quote all under one roof. We have done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Our emerging and developing color technology pairs perfectly with our established color consultants and experts. We’re interested in how colors influence space and they impact moods. From which colors you can use to enhance a space’s feng shui, to which colors are best for meditation rooms, we want to provide colors that suit your needs and the needs of the space. We also want to let you know of current color trends, so you can be confident in your color choice.

With Paintzen, you can book your painting job online, go on vacation, and then return to a beautiful new room. Painting your home shouldn’t be stressful. Take inventory of your surroundings and consider your needs. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint can help elevate your home, and open your eyes to the details and intricacies already existing in your space.

Repainting walls bring more than just a change in color. Even the smallest of painting projects can create a whole new aesthetic within your space, allowing you to truly define how you want your home to feel. Let Paintzen bring your inspiration to life, so you find your zen inside and outside your walls.