5 Feng Shui Colors That Will Restore Balance to Your Space

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui uses natural elements that utilize free flowing energy to invite good health and fortune. Feng shui colors can help you strike a balance in your space and your life.

The feng shui school of thought has developed into a philosophy on how we design a space and exist in that space: where do we place objects like ourselves, furniture, windows, etc. in order to maximize the flow of energy. Done properly, this can encourage knowledge, wealth, and health.

The objective is to restore balance in a space so that the balance of energy in your life is maximized. The feng shui colors you use in a space, from furniture to wall paint, can play a significant role.

Best Paint Colors for Feng Shui

Paint colors are a very powerful tool in harnessing good feng shui. Here are a few feng shui colors with explanations on how they can impact the energy of a space.

Red is a powerful color that represents fire, so it can generate a lot of energy – good and bad. So it is best to use it in moderation to achieve good balance. With the color red, you’re playing with fire.

The color orange is considered a “social” color and can foster good conversation and company. Orange calls forth feelings of warmth and comfort, especially in the depths of winter. Try PPG’s Tea Biscuit for a a soft orange wall like in the photo below.

Light Orange Walls with Orange Couch - Feng Shui Colors

Green is a color that focuses on health. It helps ground you in the natural world and brings calmness to your life. To truly capture the outdoors in your space, consider layering green colors (similar to the varying leaves). A good base on your wall can be PPGs 2019 Color of the Year, Night Watch and then you can incorporate other feng shui colors!

PPG Night Watch - Dark Green Feng Shui Colors

Blue also brings calm. A lighter blue helps mimic the sky. It is particularly effective in a home office or a nursery, maybe even as ceiling paint. This provides opportunities for growth and progress when the world is limitless above you.

White serves as a balancing color. It can draw bridges from different elements, giving balance to a space. A pure white paint also allows for introspection and refocus, striking a new balance internally and externally. You may also consider a white wallpaper with a soothing design that adds an extra layer of energy to the room.

White Bedroom with Yellow Accents - Feng Shui Colors

Getting Started

If you want to balance your space to improve its feng shui, an easy way to do that is painting your space. Paintzen can send you free samples of feng shui colors that you particularly identify with. Pay attention to how each color makes you feel and then envision the room in which your paint colors would work best.

Color plays an important role in our lives and can elevate our mood or depress it. Using the principles of feng shui with the colors that work best for you can help you create a peaceful and serene home that reflects your personality and your lifestyle.

Get started today!