Wall Cleaning: How to Clean and Maintain Painted Walls

Woman cleaning walls

How long has it been since you marked “wall cleaning” off of your to-do list? Like all of the other surfaces in the house, walls need regular cleaning, especially in busy areas where scuffs, stains and dirty marks can make them look run down.

Many of PPG’s interior wall paints are formulated specifically for ease of washability. Here are some tips for keeping your walls looking their best.

  • Never use a paper towel, rag, or any other paper/fabric product to wash your walls.
  • Always use a sponge to wash your interior walls, like a heavy-duty, all-purpose polyester sponge.
  • Only use mild dishwashing soap and water on your sponge. Commercial cleaners will break down the paint film and damage the finish.

And always allow fresh paint to cure for at least 21 days before washing your walls.

How Often Do I Clean Walls?

When scheduling wall cleaning, we recommend dusting walls every quarter and washing them twice a year. Although if you have dust allergies, you may choose to do them more frequently.

When Cleaning Walls, Does Paint Sheen Matter?

Wall-cleaning methods do change slightly depending on your paint’s sheen level.

Duller paints, like eggshell, satin and flat, are less durable than paints with a higher sheen. You’ll usually find these paints on walls in bedrooms, living rooms and dens. Never use degreasers or other harsh chemicals when you’re cleaning this type of paint. Also, wring your sponge until it’s almost completely dry and don’t scrub too hard as you clean.

Semigloss and glossy paint tend to be more durable than flatter paints. You’ll most commonly find them in kitchens and bathrooms or on trim. You can use a little more elbow grease on these walls, but they still need to be treated gently so the finish doesn’t get damaged.

What About Paint Type?

When wall cleaning, does paint type matter? The answer is, not really. You can still use the same soapy water and a sponge, whether or not your walls are latex or oil paint.

However, oil paint is quite durable, so you could add a little bit of white vinegar to your soapy water to help remove stains.

How Can I Find Washable Paints?

Some types of paints are formulated to be more washable. For example, PPG Ultralast is engineered to deliver exceptional resistance to stains and unsightly marks. This easy-clean product helps keep your walls looking fresh. Want to learn more? Find the right interior paint for your project.

Transform Your Home With a New Paint Color

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