The Best Windowless Bathroom Paint Colors May Surprise You

Bathrooms, especially powder rooms, Jack-and-Jill bathrooms and basement loos, are often dark. That means you’re faced with picking windowless bathroom paint colors, which can be a challenge for these potentially drab spaces. Here’s how to choose paint colors to lighten and brighten that windowless bathroom.

Before you consider paint, first look at your light bulbs. Windowless bathrooms depend on light bulbs for light. And since most light bulbs are soft white, they can give the room an off-white cast. That can change the way your paint looks and turn white fixtures (like vanity tops toilets and tile) a washed-out yellow. If you want to get a color closer to daylight, change bulbs. Look for daylight bulbs or for a bluer cast, try LED.

Once you sort out the light source, it’s time to break out the paint chips. Think about these spaces the way you’d think of any other small, dark room, such as a basement office or dark hallway. Look for colors that lighten and brighten the space. Or go for dramatic hues that turn the room into a jewel box.

Warm Neutrals

In a windowless bathroom, you can’t go wrong with warm, natural paint colors. One timeless option: beige. Paired with white fixtures and smart lighting, it brightens and warms the room.

For a clean look, try a color that’s a cross between light cream and pale tan. With a greige tile and vanity and matte stainless fixtures, it’s sophisticated without being cold.

Speaking of greige, it’s especially pretty when matched with gray-and-white tile.


A modern twist on warm neutrals, gray keeps the inviting feel of its browner cousins while making the room look fresh and on trend.

Pairing light gray paint with darker gray and wood tones makes for a balanced style.

Created a unified look by using gray throughout the room. The gray walls pick up the gray shelves and the grout in the herringbone tile. The same hue is reflected in the charcoal colored pendant lights.


White paint in a windowless bathroom can make this dark space feel airy and bright. An interesting faucet or unexpected sink makes the room inviting.

When outfitting a small bathroom, look to eye-catching tile for color and style. Then use white walls set off bold colors and graphic designs.

Create the austere luxury of a high-end spa bathroom. Pristine white paint makes the most of the room’s architectural features.


Windowless bathrooms get a color boost from beachy hues. Try green inspired by the ocean to brighten the room – and your day. P.S. This is a great color for kids’ bathrooms. It’s cheery without being juvenile.

Sky blue walls make a dark bathroom feel like a day at the beach. White fixtures and trim keep things sunny.

Dramatic Hues

Add drama to a dark bathroom by going dark on the walls. We recommend picking up a color from the floor tile. For instance, start with a gray-toned olive paint. Then mix it with dark wood tones, sleek metal and sophisticated finishes. Mirrors are your best friend in a dark room, reflecting light and dazzling the eye.

In a small, dark room, paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. This takes the room from claustrophobic to cozy. Then, use a blend of lighting on the walls and ceiling to illuminate the space. Bring in metallic finishes – even metallic paint on the walls – for some sparkle.

Red is such a fun bathroom paint color, especially in windowless loos. You don’t have to paint the whole room red. Instead try a focus wall in a hue guaranteed to energize your day.

Stuck on picking a windowless bathroom paint color? Let our expert interior house painters transform your home interior today.