Meet PPG Paint’s 2023 Color of the Year the Beautiful Vining Ivy

Meet the 2023 PPG Paint Color of the Year, Vining Ivy, a robust teal that balances between blue and green. Symbolic of the deepest water, this rich, tonal aqua works for contemporary and traditional styles, marrying them as beautifully as it does its two base colors.

Why Do We Love PPG Paint’s Color of the Year, Vining Ivy?

Resilience – along with the need for connection and inspiration from nature – was a recurring theme at this year’s Global Color Workshop, where more than 30 stylists took the pulse of the color industry and selected a palette that defines our time.

It was this combination of resilience, connection and nature’s inspiration that drove these color stylists to choose Vining Ivy.

Where Can I Use It in My Home?

Vining Ivy is such a versatile hue. Think of it as a grounding tone that lets you bring in the outdoors, while creating a memorable backdrop of color.

Try it as a front door color, or as the focus of a spa-like master bathroom. In a guest bedroom, it’s everything – especially when paired with rich wood tones and metals like brass or silver.

Or put it on an accent wall in the dining room and let it make your beautiful, farm-style table really pop.

What Can I Pair This PPG Paint Color With?

Of course, you can always pair this deep aqua with white trim for a super-crisp space. But if you want to branch out, consider the 2023 Paint Color Trend palettes — Serenity, Origin and Duality — that mesh with Vining Ivy, bringing out its jewel-like tones.

Serenity — A graceful palette of milky pastels, watery tones and warm neutrals. Serenity is about prioritizing the important things in life and taking precedent to find internal peace.

Origin — This grounding and magical palette captivates the beauty of the natural world. Origin creates a sense of safety and a desire to push into unfamiliar territories.

Duality — This palette recreates the world according to one’s own rules with powerful contrasts between brights, clean pastels and strong neutrals.

For an alternative to white trim, try it with the PPG paint color, Fossil Stone:

Or paint adjacent rooms in the Origin palette, so that you have a sightline from room to room of interconnected hues.

For example, try it with Thunderbolt:

And Oceania:

You can also make the most of secondary partners green and orange by pulling in these gorgeous hues from PPG paint colors’ 2023 palette:

Crushed Cinnamon

Foxfire Brown

Cool Clay

Try pulling in these earthy hues with accessories like throws, pillows or curtains for a truly sophisticated color scheme.

Are you loving the 2023 PPG Paint Color of the Year as much as we are? Reach out for a free estimate or ask our color specialists to help find this hue’s perfect spot in your home.