How to Design a Beautiful Open-Concept Living Room

Not all of us are lucky enough to have an open-concept living room in their home. Apartment dwellers and condo owners are in much smaller spaces, and even many who live in houses have more structured floor plans. Those in large homes with open-concept living rooms have a unique opportunity to create a truly beautiful design!

There are so many advantages to having an open-concept living room. These large, airy spaces typically include rooms beyond the living area, such as dining alcoves and open kitchens. This makes them perfect for large families – the layout makes it easier for parents to watch children while you multi-task. This is also an ideal set-up for those who enjoy entertaining. There is so much more space to work with, and you can arrange furniture and decor to accommodate for group gatherings. An open concept living room can also make smaller homes feel bigger, and provide a way to display antiques or collections.

By carefully selecting your paint color palette, a professional painter can highlight the architectural details of the room and maximize your natural light, creating a beautiful open concept living room in your home, regardless of your budget.

Choosing Paint Colors

Your paint options are not limited with an open floor plan. One option is to choose a monochromatic paint scheme. Different tones of the same color can look inviting and elegant. Another way to add dimension is creating two-toned walls, with either monochromatic, complimentary or contrasting colors. This is typically defined with a chair rail molding, but could also include molding on the bottom section of the wall.

A third option is to create a focal wall that is a different, complementary or contrasting color to the other walls. This directs the eye to one area. One way to make your open space feel even larger is to paint all trim the same color as the walls. This connects the different areas seamlessly. In the above photo, Paintzen was hired to paint one dark accent wall and add one wallpaper accent wall within a large open space to keep it feeling connected. (Designer: Noz Design; Photo Credit: Colin Price.)

Create Architectural Interest

Image: Pinterest

Something you should consider as you look at your open floor plan is architectural design. Ways to create architectural interest is to add crown molding, chair rail molding or molding on the lower half of the room. You can add molding to the ceiling, to an entire focal wall, or as art. Then, use paint colors to enhance elements either by painting them completely or by highlighting molding designs. Transitional areas, like hallways and nooks, can be highlighted with interesting family items. A nice paint will make these areas an interesting part of the space.

Enhance Natural Light

One of the features of an open floor plan is natural light, so you need to work with it. You can do this by adding large windows or a skylight. Another more affordable option is to switch to a clean white light bulb rather than warm yellow. A white light will shine more into darker corners and open up the space. The above San Francisco townhouse, painted by Paintzen professionals, featured plenty of natural light – helping the space to feel even larger than it already was!

Creating an open living room isn’t difficult and can be done on any budget. The result will be a space that is perfect for entertaining and family. Paintzen can help get you started on the path towards the open, multi-functional space of your dreams.  By providing free online quotes and sending a crew of insured, experienced and qualified painters to your home to apply your perfect paint color to the walls, trim and all other living room surfaces, we make the process quick and easy. Get started with a free and instant online quote by clicking the link.