Modern Kitchen Paint Ideas to Fulfill Your Dreams

Are you ready to refresh your home by creating the modern kitchen of your dreams? If so, read on! Your dream kitchen is achievable regardless of your budget or design expertise. These simple and actionable ideas will help you attain that Pinterest-perfect kitchen with minimal effort. By carefully selecting the perfect paint color, the ideal cabinet finish, and thoughtful decor, you can use modern kitchen paint ideas to create the kitchen of your dreams!

The number one thing you can do to create your dream, modern kitchen is to repaint. A fresh, clean color update will go miles in terms of your kitchen’s appearance. If your current kitchen walls are bare or outdated, hire a painter to give them a makeover with these crisp, modern colors from PPG Paints.


There’s nothing more dreamy and luxe for a kitchen than an idyllic white paint makeover. Magical Moonlight is that perfect shade to create a design magazine kitchen. A color like this is the ideal foundation for a modern kitchen with accents that pop. More unique than most shades of white, Magical Moonlight has undertones of deep purple; it flawlessly pairs with shades of deep plum.


Keep it classic with a beautiful, khaki-color paint makeover. This color revives and refreshes your kitchen while creating a warm and cozy look. Dusty Trail allows you to achieve a look that is both modern and rustic, a very unique design aesthetic. Hire a painter to remodel your kitchen, and you’ll have a warm, inviting space to entertain family and friends without having to stress about your painting or design skills.


A bold, dusky gray paint job will transform any so-so kitchen into a hip, ultra-modern space with that model-home look. If you’re going for a contemporary, trendier vibe — go bold with a dark color! Pairs beautifully with crisp white accents and industrial decor.

When you’re through transforming the walls, start on the cabinets! Repainting or refinishing your kitchen cabinets is another simple way to add a romantic, modern touch to your cooking space.

4) Glossy Color

Go for a super-modern and sleek feel with a glossy cabinet finish. Pair it with stainless steel hardware and bright white paint. A glossy cabinet finish will create a stunning, luxurious kitchen that you’ll be proud to show off.

If you’re looking to give your kitchen some character, hire a painter to repaint the inside of your cabinets a fun color to add a surprise pop.

You can’t get more modern than a monochromatic look! Try painting your cabinets to match your walls: white on white, grey on grey, black on black — it all works, and it’s all super modern and on-trend. If you do this, find some hardware that stands out visually or blends in perfectly to finish the look.

5) Decorating Your Kitchen

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of carefully-curated decor choices. To create the perfect modern kitchen, make sure you have enough decor pieces to tie your look together. Having hired a house painting service, you’ll probably be ready for something more fun: decor shopping for your new kitchen!

Metallic rose-gold pieces and plenty of plants are stunning paired with a white kitchen. Copper is another option for a similar effect, and it’s just as beautiful. Stone accents like granite and marble can add a big personality to your kitchen and fit in with a modern vibe.

Try decor options in a visually contrasting color to your paint choice. Explore the color wheel to find bold hues with sharp contrast and other modern kitchen paint ideas. Wham! What an easy way to make a significant statement. If you need a closer look, order FREE paint swatch samples from our team. 

Creating the dreamy, modern kitchen you’ve always wanted is simple and affordable for any budget. It’s as easy as picking the perfect paint color and deciding on a finish and paint for your cabinets. Then, hire a painter to remodel your kitchen — they will reinvent the room for you, leaving you with a beautiful new kitchen to decorate. All you’ll have to do after that is invite some friends over to show it off!

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