Colorful Dining Rooms To Die For

After the holiday season, we forget we have dining rooms. We’re either too busy binging our favorite show or watching basketball.  To inspire you to dust off the table and open the curtains, here are some colorful dining rooms with some of the prettiest pains we’ve seen.

Feed Your Appetite

Dining room painted Spiced Pumpkin
Photo: Laurel Bern Interiors

Cozy blankets aside, there’s something to be said for a dining room. It’s civilized to gather face-to-face with friends or family and remind yourself there’s more to your house than the well-worn path between the sofa and the microwave. Warm up your meal times with burnt orange.

Grand Spaces

French country dining room with green walls
Photo: HomeEdit

Admittedly, most of us don’t have space quite as grand as this seafoam green space, but what we do have is good enough to bring folks together. Even on the days when we’re only using our best paper plates.

Red Delicious

Dining room with red cabinets
Photo: Luxe Interiors + Design

Talk about a color guaranteed to warm a winter day. This vibrant Chinese red is a natural backdrop for the Chinoiserie chairs and jars.

Eclectic Style

Dining room with pink walls, Chinese lanterns and paper mache masks
Photo: SFGirlByBay

One of the things we love about this pink dining room is that it’s a lot of look for a not-so-big price. The bold colors of the walls and rug, the upcycled art and paper mache masks, and the whimsical paper lanterns are all affordable decorations that give this space one-of-a-kind style.

Farmhouse Dining

Photo: Provident Home Design

A vanilla hue gives this farmhouse dining space a sunshiney glow, reflected the window-framed mirror.

Comfort Food

black wainscoting in dining room
Photo: Danielle Oakey Interiors

One way to cozy up your dining room for winter? Bring the couch with you. A loveseat or dinette isn’t just trendy; it’s downright comfortable. Add some character with dark-painted wainscotting,

Dust off the dining room and drag yourself off the couch. We promise it will be worth it. And with paint colors like these to inspire you, what do you have to lose? Happy eating!