10 Best Bedroom Paint Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can be difficult when choosing a paint color. You don’t want to overwhelm your sleeping space, but white (while a great option) may not what you want to wake up to every day. So what do you do? Here are a few simple tips for choosing the best colors for small rooms and some of our favorite small bedroom paint colors.

1) Black Magic PPG1001-7

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Let’s start off with a rule-breaker. Painting a small bedroom black sounds like a mistake.

While painting a small bedroom black could make it feel even smaller when you balance it with light white fabrics and accessories, the small room could feel larger. Now the black paint recedes, making the space feel bigger. Your beautiful bedding and accessories get to show off, too.

2) Celestial Blue PPG1156-7

blue bedroom wood furniture
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Blue paint colors and bedrooms go together like down and comforters. Plus, studies show that we sleep better, longer in blue spaces. Choosing a mid-tone blue, like Celestial Blue brings a spa-like dose of calm to your day, making your evening wind-down easier and leaving you refreshed come morning.

3) Always Blue PPG1156-3

blue bedroom round mirror
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Speaking of blue, lighter tones, like this sky blue, work, too. Lighter hues reflect light, brightening up dark corners and making the room feel open and welcoming.

4) Delicate White PPG1001-1

featured project boston bedroom
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White tops the list of small bedroom colors. It maximizes the light, even in rooms that don’t have windows. And like lighter neutrals, it can be airy and soothing … except when it’s not. The downside is that white can be cold, so to keep your bedroom from feeling arctic, choose a warmer shade (try Delicate White) and pair it with neutrals or brighter colors in the rug and curtains.

5) Aria PPG1001-2

boho bedroom white walls
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Here’s another example of a small bedroom, painted white. Even though this white is on the cooler side, the pink, gray and natural colors in the fabrics and accessories cozy it up.

6) Pale Violet PPG1168-3

light purple kids bedroom
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This soft, subdued, and enchanting purple has a childlike quality that makes everything look bidder than it actually is. The white trim anchors the room while the pale violet paint color disappears into the ceiling creating an open feeling.

7) Crazed Cranberry PPG13-12

chicago bedroom red accent wall
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This sophisticated bedroom fits a lot into a small space. What makes it work is the recessed accent wall. In a darker candy apple red, the accent wall draws the eye in, making the rest of the space expand.

8) Lucious Lime PPG1120-6

accent wall bedroom avocado
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And don’t shy away from bright colors in small bedrooms. Like the darker hues, balance them with neutrals and white. When in doubt an accent wall is a great way to test a paint color and open up a smaller bedroom.

9) Curry Sauce PPG1210-7

golden yellow bedroom
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This bright glowing yellow is a perfect color to brighten up a smaller bedroom. But to really open up space, furnish the bedroom with transparent features. Shear curtains to let natural light in, a glass nightstand, and no headboard open up the bedroom.

10) Other Bedroom Paint Ideas for Small Bedrooms

If neutral colors are your jam, no space is better for them than the bedroom. Soothing and airy, they highlight architectural details, like beautiful molding or an interesting ceiling. Tip: Paint the baseboards the same color as the wall and the ceiling trim a shade of white. It’ll draw the eye up, making the room seem taller.

Paint your furniture the same color as the walls. This design trick blends wall and furniture together, allowing your eye to skim the space, which makes even the tiniest room look bigger.

Bedrooms don’t need a lot of square footage to be comfortable and colorful. And as these small bedroom colors prove, the right coat of paint can bring out the beauty in any room. Need help with your bedroom painting project? Paintzen has a team of professional interior painters ready to help!

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