Are you looking to paint your home, but don’t want to overhaul your whole decor. The paint color you chose can work with the furniture and decor you have. Subtle colors accentuate your furnishings, while bold colors make the walls pop.

With all of your furniture bought and in your home, it makes more sense to base your paint colors off of your furniture. To do this, let’s consider the furnishings in each separate room.


blue bedroom stock wood furniture

With earthy or muted furniture it might be your chance to spruce up your room with a pop of color. You can achieve this through a canary yellow or a darker royal blue. This will give a beautiful contrast to the setting.

If you have bright furniture, tame down your walls. To avoid conflicting colors, go with duller colors like mint, off-white, or grays.

Living Room

A living room typically has a lot going on, from color to decor. If you have more subdued colors for your furniture, add some color with bold paint choices such as red, orange or blue.

colorful gallery wall faux finish

Perhaps your living room is already a sea of color through your furniture. To make it easier on the eyes, you can pick a wall color that is muted. That can range from gray to brown hues.

Paint Colors

dark green wall brown couch

If you have neutral colors in your furniture, mustard, brown, off-white, or gold, a blue or green wall works wonders. These colors are often associated with relaxation, making it ideal for either the bedroom or living room.

Furniture with vibrant colors like turquoise and pink or softer colors like white or wood might call for a red and orange accent wall. These colors are more energetic and cold. Because of how big of a statement they add, it is best to use these to color your kitchen and dining rooms.

Painting your space is stressful enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about redesigning your whole space. Order some free swatch samples and hold them up against your furniture to see if they match in varying light. When you’re ready to start painting, hire Paintzen for your project by getting a quote today!