Teal Accent Wall & Other Accent Wall Ideas

Accent walls are an easy way to add character and charm to any room. From colorful barn wood to striking wallpaper to a bold teal accent wall, here are our favorite accent wall colors for your home.

millenial pink accent wall
Shop PPG Cameo Peach

Pink walls are great, but what if you don’t want a room painted entirely in pink? Pick a wall to be painted pink and the rest of the space be soothingly neutral. It’s a great way to have a strong color without overbalancing the space. Try Cameo Peach for this look in your home.

green accent wall brown couch
Shop PPG Evening Emerald

Aqua green is a great choice for an accent wall. If you use it in a foyer or entryway, your door can be used as a wooden accent to create a complete palette. Thoughtful details like that are what take a space from amateur to pro.

yellow accent dining room
Shop PPG Bran Muffin

This breakfast nook is really just a little corner in an open floor plan. But by adding a bold, rich gold makes it an inviting space. It’s a fast and affordable project, and a clever way to define the space.

teal accent wall kitchen
Shop PPG Riviera Paradise

Speaking of bold colors, let’s talk about teal accent walls. This small kitchen can be a decor challenge. You need to make sure it feels open and airy. Riviera Paradise is a dark, pure, tropical turquoise aqua with an aquamarine undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a dining room or bedroom, because of its ocean-like ambiance.

green accent wall master bathroom
Shop PPG Holly Glen

We absolutely love this jade aqua-green with a malachite undertone. Paired with white trim and off white accents, this color embodies everything we love about the spa: quiet, calm, and comfort.

boho living accent wall
Shop PPG Midnight Hour

Normally, you’d think of white walls and a black accent. But why not reverse it? Go for over-the-top dramatic with a blue-toned black like Midnight Hour and then make your accent wall white. Talk about stunning!

custom mural wall green pink

Bring home a taste of vacation with a painted mural or nature-inspired wallpaper accent wall. Wallpaper designs are exciting and add an extra flair of personality to any room.

nursery with gold polka dots

If you have a flair for drama add some cool geometric designs. Polka dots add pops of color are all the rage and look especially youthful when used in a children’s bedroom or play area.

custom mural wall green pink

If you really want to go the extra mile, why stop at one color on an accent wall? Go for two colors or three? Painted in a fun geometric pattern, this wall will be a sure conversation starter in your living room.

purple flower wallpaper

How cool is this floral wallpaper? We love how it takes something natural and turns it into something magical yet not over-the-top.

leafy green wallpaper accent wall

Here’s another idea of how to work an open floor plan. Make the most of a narrow wall by setting it off with a super-sophisticated wallpaper (or, more affordable, hand-painted stencils).

Find the colors that will work on your accent wall — and get free paint swatches. We’ll help you discover your color.