10 Ways to Make Your Guest Bedroom a Welcoming Retreat

Guest bedrooms get lost in the shuffle of daily life. They can wind up being the junk room, or the dusty room that gets aired out only once a year. Instead of waiting till the phone rings saying, “Here we come,” start now to create a retreat that your friends and family will love to visit.

green wallpaper in guest bedroom
Photo: Architectural Digest

Choose fresh, soothing colors like yellow and green for a spa-like space. Miles Redd shows his mastery of color in this Texas home’s guest room.

functional kids guest bedroom
Photo: Coastal Living

Use wall colors to define the style. For example, light blue walls will give a kids’ sleepover space a nautical feel, when combined with seafaring furnishings.

guest bedroom with beige walls
Photo: Southern Living

Biscuit-colored paint makes a beautiful backdrop for a chocolate-and-green color scheme. In small homes or apartments, kids will often sleep on the couch to give guests a bed. If this is true at your house, design a room that’s comfortable for folks of all ages.

guest bedroom
Photo: Nesting With Grace

What do your guests want as much as a good night’s sleep? Your wi-fi code. Put it in a pretty frame, or use a small chalkboard or even a printable, to keep guests happily online.

two single beds for guest bedroom
Photo: Elle Decor

Twin beds may be the most useful guest-room configuration ever because you can sleep couples or singles there. Add a trundle bed, and you can sleep a whole family. Twin beds, like powder rooms, are small so that you can take design risks with them you might not take on a bigger bed — like these blue and coral ones.

farmhouse guest bedroom
Photo: Citizen Decor

Most of us offer hanging space in a closet for our guests’ clothes, but an empty chest of drawers lets guest entirely unpack. While this bedroom has one large chest, you could also use two small ones as bedside tables.

white guest bedroom
Photo: House of Jade Interiors

A cozy, oversized afghan adds color and function to a neutral, minimalist space — and it might even encourage afternoon naps.

guest bedroom in an attic
Photo: Simplicity in the South

A desk makes a smart bedside table, especially for guests who travel with laptops and need space to work while traveling. Pick a chair in a color from the room’s palette to tie it all in.

blanket ladder
Photo: Apartment Therapy

Blanket storage can be a puzzle, so look for smart ways to incorporate blankets into the room’s design. Put a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed, bring in an antique trunk or add a blanket ladder whose color blends right into the walls, showing off the pretty blankets.

day bed in a guest bedroom
Photo: Advice From a Twentysomething

Many homes don’t have an extra room for guests. Rather than sending friends and family to a hotel, add a daybed to your office for a place to put visitors. Add a garden bench as a bedside table, comfy pillows that turn the bed into a couch and, for extra privacy, a folding screen.

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