Home Gym Wallpaper & Other Ideas

So you want to get healthier, exercise more, or lose weight (or all of the above)? A home gym makes exercise convenient, increasing your likelihood of working out – so no matter the time of year, you’ll still be going strong in your workout space. Check out some home gym wallpaper and paint that is sure to liven up the room.

Classic Home Gyms

Convert an extra room into a fantasy home gym like this one, which comes complete with an inspirational view. Tip: Buy used equipment online or from a professional gym — save your waistline and your budget.

Keep your mood lifted by painting your space a bright color, like this exercise room with a chartreuse wall. If yellow-green isn’t your thing, try bold pink or soothing blue. Add smart storage to hold equipment, like dumbbells and extra towels.

No space? No problem. Even the smallest rooms can turn into a fitness area with the right home decor.  Add a sophisticated light fixture to brighten up your exercise room and make it seem larger.

Colorful Home Gyms

wallpaper in entryway

Another cool way to spruce up a home gym is by installing wallpaper. Set off your wall decor with a large, graphic print.

Surfboards give this coastal home gym a unique focal point. On days that the surf’s not up, the owner can stay in shape with a run on the treadmill. Decorating with a collection — from functional, beautiful surfboards to inspiring, framed photos — will set your home gym apart.

Modern Workout

If you’re lucky enough to have an unused garage or outbuilding, it can make the perfect space for a home gym makeover. The pagoda roof is a sophisticated touch in the tough workout room, while white walls and black-framed prints keep the decor lines clean and strong.

In this magazine editor’s homey gym, wood-covered walls play off the rustic tones of the vintage-looking rowing machine. Padded tiles protect the floor and are easy to clean. White subway tiles and a dark brown ceiling make the space feel timeless.

A home exercise room doesn’t have to be boring. Black-and-white graphic wallpaper in a tribal pattern livens up this small basement space. Putting a piece of equipment in each corner maximizes the square footage.

So don’t join an expensive gym to keep your fitness resolutions in the New Year. Instead, play around with a few square feet and see how even a small space can bring energy to your life.

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