10 Reasons We All Love Vacation Rentals’ Colorful Decor

Vacation rentals are made for people who are, well, on vacation. So they often build fun colors right into their DNA. Here are 10 examples of vacation rental decor with enough color to make you feel vacation-y, even if you’re reading this from your desk at work.

1) Bunk Beds

cottage bunk beds bedroom

In this four-bunk room, the white-and-gray palette gets a color boos with pillows and blankets in bright, sunny hues. While it skews young, adults could bunk in here without feeling like they were stuck at the kids’ table.

2) Use All Space

apartment kitchen black cabinets

A blue-and-white towel, plants and a happy owl add a burst of cheer to this tiny vacationer’s kitchen. We love how they expanded the counter space by putting a marble board on top of the stove.

3) Brighten Up Your Tile

grisoro designs master bathroom

Bright turquoise-and-white floor tiles and a clawfoot tub painted fire engine red — wouldn’t this brighten your spirits every time you walked in?

4) Delicious Colors

custom mural wall green pink

This Palm Beach rental took Diana Vreeland’s advice and used pink as a neutral, from the cotton-candy cabinets and couch to the watermelon striped awning. It feels like a high-end candy shop. Yum, yum!

5) Accessibility

dark gray accent wall sitting

Even the sundries cart in a vacation rental can be colorful, depending on how you group items on it. Try batching them together based on label color and function — here, the yellow San Pellegrino cans bounce off the yellow of the bananas and the labels in the basket, making a pleasing zig-zag pattern for the eye.

6) Two Tone Cabinets

two tone cabinets white blue

A tiny, functional kitchen doesn’t have to be boring. Try a blue or gray cabinet, then carry the color into the dishes and artwork on the open shelves.

7) Be Unique

bathroom with black floors

Black-and-white, but never boring, is this tiny loo. The sculptural sink and toilet add interest, while the clever use of tile on the wall and shelf makes this small bathroom unforgettable.

8) Accent Wall

custom mural bedroom mountains

The stenciled blue-and-white accent wall, along with the colorful icon paintings, make this space quirky, happy and welcoming.

9) Natural Colors

dark gray blue wall with dining

Here, white walls, gray furniture, and natural wood provide the backdrop for a quietly colored rug and blanket. This soothing palette makes you want to put up your feet and forget the world beyond the woods.

10) Be Comfortable

boho living room with hanging chair

While you might consider hanging a swing chair in your kids’ playroom, would you put one in your living room? Yes, if you’re adding a vacation-rental-worthy dose of fun. And this one is piled with pillows in the same colors as those on the couch, creating a unified, pleasing color scheme.

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