5 Small Updates That Make a Big Difference

Home renovations can be a hassle, but there are small things you can do to make a big difference. Between finding the right contractor, purchasing materials, and finding unexpected budget busters, what first appeared to be a manageable project can quickly become an unruly one. Instead, consider making small updates to your rooms over time. Summer is the perfect season to update your home, so take advantage of these tips before it ends!

Paint Your Deck

front porch black shutters

Most home updates are only taken into account for interior projects. However, painting your deck is a simple change that can make for a dramatic transformation to your exterior. Whether you’re lounging in the sun in your favorite chair or hosting a neighborhood cookout, choosing a paint that is both efficient and long-lasting is vital. This unique, beach-inspired deck uses blue and white stripes to calm the spirit and recall fond memories of lounging near the sea during summer vacation. You can have your outdoor getaway by painting a similar design on your deck with PPG’s Silver Blueberry and Delicate White or go all-in with a monochrome coat of only one of those shades.

Purchase New Furniture


two blue chairs white wall

Updating your home can be done in unexpected ways, and purchasing new furniture is a great way to make spaces feel completely different. When it comes to more pricey pieces like sofas, timeless furniture is the way to go. Choose from a wide variety of selections that will outlast anything your family or pets may put them through. If you feel like taking a bit of a risk, feature statement pieces like unique lighting, armchairs, or even coffee tables with dramatic wall color. You can paint your walls and trim the same bold shade as your decor to make a small room feel larger. This chic space with jet black walls will impress guests at your next pool party. Get this look by pairing beige furniture, a glass coffee table, and funky light fixtures with PPG’s Black Magic or Black Forest.

Replace Outdated Appliances

white kitchen with stainless steel hood

While some appliances can get a bit pricey, the cost is nowhere near that of a complete home renovation. Replacing old ones will make your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room feel brand new with very little leg work. Think about options that make your life a whole lot easier. There are plenty of smart appliances that can be controlled with the touch of a button. You can have your own intelligent and sophisticated cooking space with new lighting, a TV, and cabinets painted in PPG’s Elemental or Solstice.

Try New Decor

boho living room cream walls

Spark inspiration in your home by decorating with some new decor! It’s an easy way to create feeling and mood within a room. Some recent trends include hygge and bohemian design. This floral wallpaper sets the tone for a cozy, spa-like oasis in a bathroom with white decor and candles. You can get this look by selecting a soothing wallpaper and adding warm accessories like fresh flowers, twinkling lights, and fluffy towels.

Or Go Antique

forest green home library

It’s admirable to add new things to your home, but it’s essential not to overdo it. What’s old is new again when it comes to finding hidden gems for your rooms. Consider purchasing antique-inspired furniture and painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint that never goes out style. Your bedroom can become a lovely time capsule with a dated dresser, Edwardian armchair, and walls painted in PPG’s Lover’s Knot or Ashes of Roses.

Paintzen offers services to help you make big and small updates to your home. Take a look at our exterior painting services, interior painting services, and wallpaper installations to try some of these tips out for yourself! Get a quote for your project today!