A Sporty Blue Bedroom in the Upper Eastside

Amy Sullivan of the Upper Eastside, recently re-designed her seven-year-old son’s bedroom. “The re-design started as an organization project.” Sullivan had help from Elise Gurock a professional organizer at Chaos Concierge.

Sullivan’s son has many interests. “Like most little boys, he loves sports, outer space, superheroes, and Legos.” Gurock and Sullivan “created different stations in his room to help him make the most of his space.”

While all of this was happening, Sullivan decided it was time to paint the bedroom.

project bedroom blue nyc baseball

“After four trips to the paint store and ten swatches of paint.” Sullivan finally landed on a paint color similar to PPG’s Daring Indigo. “I wanted something bold that would invoke a cozy feeling in his bedroom. This blue feels masculine yet playful. It beautifully complements the white crown molding and trim. It also matched the existing blue accents we already had in the room, so we didn’t have to change anything.”

With the paint color, it was time to book the painter. Sullivan says “In the past, I have hired painters and tackled projects myself. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll continue to hire painters, especially now that I see what a difference a great paint job makes. It’s also easy on my nerves!”

project bedroom blue nyc

That’s when Sullivan contacted Paintzen. We quickly booked her a paint project and assigned her a painter.

“Booking my paint job was easy,” says Sullivan. “Paintzen followed up appropriately with the details, both the painter and the foreman were friendly and informative. The quality of the job is fantastic, and he was very efficient with his time. It finished sooner than I expected. The cost was also reasonable in comparison with other quotes, and I felt Paintzen was very transparent so I didn’t have to worry about hidden costs.”

The end product was a beautiful space that any young kid would like. “While he is at an age where he still enjoys playing with his toys,” says Sullivan. “He also needed a space to keep his growing collection of sports equipment, a designated area to store and build his Lego collections, a desk area to complete his homework and my favorite spot in the room, a sunny reading nook to encourage curling up with a book. We also used wall-space to display his guitars, a collection of masks and pictures of family and friends.”

project bedroom blue nyc shelves

His walls, from the paint color to the decor is a reflection of childhood and what Sullivan’s son loves. When you’re ready to update your space, our professional interior painters are here to help!

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