Cozy Interior Design: Think Minimalist

Creating a home with cozy warmth while maintaining decluttered minimalism can be a delicate balance. However, filling a room with enough decor to keep it inviting and keeping the clutter at bay can be accomplished with a carefully throughout decor plan.

One home decor style that embraces this cozy minimalist concept is called hygge, which is the Scandinavian notion of incorporating coziness and little pleasures into everyday life. Hygge is an uncomplicated decor style that is also a lifestyle. Removing unnecessary items, keeping the things that bring comfort, incorporating soothing, neutral colors, and maintaining a monochromatic theme results in a relaxing look and feel and evokes a general sense of calm. Read on to learn how to create this feeling of cozy minimalism in your own home.

Clear The Clutter

minimalist cozy interior design

Having a clear, calm mind is the best way to achieve comfort in your own space. When your home is filled with items that don’t serve a purpose or spark positive feelings, it’s crucial to remove these items for mental clarity and a room designed with more intention.

Assessing the items in your home with a critical eye is the first step to achieving cozy minimalist at home. If the things don’t serve a physical or emotional purpose, they should be donated, sold or thrown out.

While you don’t need to conduct a massive purge, being discerning with the items that get to stay takes an editor’s eye and an honest approach. If you’re having difficulty parting with some of your things, it can help to remove them in stages. Once the first round of items is removed, revisiting the space with a clearer head can inspire you to remove additional items.

Another way to accomplish cozy minimalism with completely parting with items that are important to you is to pack up these items and rotate them periodically.

Balancing Color and Contrast

simple green bedroom

The use of color can be the best way to achieve cozy minimalism. Incorporating warm tones with streamlined, simple furniture, hardware and accent pieces create a look that balances coziness and minimalism.

Incorporating luxurious colors in warm, relaxing colors while keeping the surfaces clear and accessories minimal results in a balance that restores calmness in you and your space. Layering patterns and groupings in warm, relaxing colors such as light brown, cream and navy, while keeping the tables clear creates a space that lets you have your throw-pillow-laden couch and your bare coffee table and gain comforting clarity from both. Once you’ve found a color, find a contractor for your interior painting needs.

Go With a Monochromatic Theme

minimalist black bedroom

A monochromatic space is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a calm space. For example, pairing black walls with clean-lined, light-colored furniture in shades of lighter charcoal and pale gray and well-organized accessories results in a look that is not only cozy but also elegant and sophisticated. Natural accents, such as a driftwood table, bring calmness from the outdoors inside.

A tonal look in various shades of whites and creams also creates a calming and inviting look. Incorporating different textures, such as a wool rug, cashmere throw and cable knit pillows, add additional warmth.

If your home design project is of a larger scale, replacing your sliding patio door or windows with oversized glass doors brings additional depth and dimension.

Bring Color Into Your Home

green living room hygge design

If you’re more drawn to bright colors, then eschew the neutral color palette for bright, vibrant colors. If white walls leave you feeling uninspired, then a room drenched in floor-to-ceiling emerald green may be the choice that elicits the most positive response.

Taking a tonal approach with bring colors can have the same minimalist effect. A room filled with tones of all blue or green can effortlessly achieve the drama you’re after while wrapping yourself in a big, vibrant hug upon entering.

Don’t Forget to Mix Textures

cozy interior design bedroom

Mixing textures is essential in a space, especially when it is a neutral color palette. Less is more is the key tenet in minimalist decor; however, texture prevents the overall theme from feeling too sterile.

Combining textures like faux fur and wood create visual interest without the overuse of distracting knick-knacks. For example, a room filled with clean lines and various shades of white instantly warms up with varying textures. One way to ensure you have enough texture incorporated is to run your hand over every surface. If everything feels the same, it’s time to include items with different textures.

Incorporate Minimalist Lighting

bright minimalist kitchen

Lighting is the jewelry of a room and can also help set the room’s overall vibe. If your lighting pieces are minimalist, mirrors can help strategically bounce the light around to make the space appear bigger and brighter. Hanging an oversized floor mirror or wall mirror can make your minimalist lighting have a significant impact.

Highlight the Fireplace

cozy interior design with fireplace

If you have it, flaunt it. A fire in the fireplace, brown leather chairs to sink into, and enough seating areas for all your friends in a cozy living room.

What could be better than that? Plus, check out the color scheme. Serene and earthy, all at once.

There is nothing cozier than soaring ceilings, stone-and-wood walls, and the symphony of brown tones throughout. The best part is, is that it takes minimal decor to look stunning.

Get a free quote for your next paint job and incorporate these cozy interior design trends into your home.