Paint Colors for Your Design Style

Picking the right paint color for your design style can make your break your space. No pressure, right? Whether you love farmhouse, modern, traditional, or even Spanish design style, our paint experts can help you choose the right hue for you.

Boho Paint Colors

Romantic, often maximalist, and filled with eclectic furnishings, boho style calls for a paint color that lets the décor take center stage. Think in terms of neutrals like warm white, Millennial Pink, or pale gray.

boho paint colors
PPG Mother of Pearl | PPG Shaded Whisper | PPG Rose Pink

Farmhouse Paint Colors

Farmhouse-style homes are like design-style comfort food. Everything about them is cozy, from the kitchen table where the family gathers to the bedrooms where you snuggle in at night. Make the most of this style’s distressed finishes and earthy feel with hues like cream, pewter blue, or translucent bottle green.

farmhouse paint colors
PPG Macaroon Cream | PPG Ice Blue | PPG Freedom Found

Modern Paint Colors

The modern look is all about clean lines and clutter-free rooms. So, pick a paint color that lets the architecture and crisp furniture really shine.

To keep the room from becoming cold (which can happen with modern spaces because of their heavy emphasis on white and metal), keep your colors warm. And because modern spaces are so minimalist, bold hues make a good backdrop for their clean lines.

Modern paint colors
PPG Delicate White | PPG Boulder Creek | PPG Flirtatious

Rustic-Modern Paint Colors

Rustic-modern style is a mashup of rough-hewn and sleek. It’s a look that encompasses everything from cottages to cabins to urban apartments. Your paint color has to find a middle ground between the two extremes to make the most of it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean all neutrals; while greige and mid-tone gray are great here, so are jewel tones, from deep navy to rich burgundy.

rustic modern paint colors
PPG Dust Bunny | PPG Half Dome | PPG Blueberry Pie

Traditional Paint Colors

Traditional homes draw their inspiration from classic architecture and historic spaces. So, keep the paint colors in line with that theme, choosing happy and welcoming hues.

Colors with a pink, red, or brown undertone often work well in traditional spaces. Try white on the peach side, hunter green, creamy tan, or pewter gray.

Traditional Paint Colors
PPG Vanilla Milkshake | PPG Cracker Bitz | PPG Pencilpoint

Paint Colors for Spanish Style Homes

Spanish and Mediterranean style homes are beloved for their tile roofs, adobe or stone walls, and large, arched windows. This distinctive style should dictate the interior colors, carried through from the homes’ natural building materials.

When picking interior colors for a Spanish or Mediterranean home, take inspiration from nature. Since these homes often exist in warmer climates, consider colors of sand, clay, or wood, like pale gold, terracotta, or ash gray.

spanish style paint colors
PPG In The Cloud | PPG Morocco Sand | PPG Brown Clay

If you still need inspiration for paint colors for your design style, try our Color Tool. Browse trending colors, choose your desired ambiance, or find colors inspired by a photo.

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