5 Closets That Show How Storage Can Be Beautiful

Closets. They can be the bane of your existence or a paean to your organization. They can also be simply beautiful. These ten closet decorating ideas may even inspire you to paint, wallpaper, and customize your own.

brown accent wall bedroom

The brown walls make the natural wood closet doors really pop.

2020 ppg coty bedroom

If you’re looking for closet decorating ideas, crisp white doors work great!

beige yellow closet with wardrobe

A closet doesn’t even necessarily need to be its own room. Ikea offers plenty of closets that you can build. These ones look especially at home in this yellow bedroom.

red master bathroom wood cabinets

Closets can also be in the bathroom. In this beautiful red bathroom, a white closet door is ready to be opened.

You can think beyond the paint can when working on your closet. Just look at this closet that uses wallpaper in the back.

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