Top 15 Nursery Paint Colors

It’s time. You’re expecting and you start noticing everything that is wrong with your home. The paint on your walls is chipping and they’re the wrong color. You’re in the nesting phase and you need to turn that guest bedroom into a nursery for your baby-to-be. The stakes are high when choosing nursery paint colors. Every parenting blog or book has an opinion on how to best paint your baby’s nursery: all black and white, stay away from blue and pink, use blue and pink, green is the way to go; the list goes on and on.

Our nursery color guide is a bit more straightforward. These are the colors our customers most often request when they are painting a nursery.

One of the trends you will notice across these nursery paint colors it that they tend to be softer colors. Not too many people choose bright and vibrant colors. And for the most part, all of these colors are in the neutral family.


popular beige nursery colors


Yellow and beige are great colors for any nursery regardless of the baby’s gender. One of the plus sides of having these neutral colors is that your kid’s developing tastes can grow with these neutral colors. They are ageless for much of your kid’s young life and can match many different design styles. 


green ppg paint nursery


Green is a great color for nurseries because you can also make a statement with them. You don’t have to sacrifice good design for your nursery. Green and other earth tones are also super popular. PPG named Night Watch their 2019 Color of the Year.


popular white paint colors nursery


White and Grays are a popular choice among expectant parents because of its simplicity and the fact that it isn’t too stimulating. With a crisp white or gray, you can let the decorations do the work. It is a calming color that allows your baby to relax and create their own personality. 


popular pink paint for nursery


Pink and Purple are traditionally used in nurseries for girls, but with the right shade of these colors, you can have positive impacts on your children regardless of gender. Purple has the stability of a blue and the energy of a red which is a great hue for any child.

Light Blue   

blue paint colors nursery


Blue has traditionally been used primarily for a boy’s nursery. But if anyone who has seen Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette special on Netflix, you know that blue is a color full of contradictions and is appropriate for any newborn. Better yet, blue walls are proven to help people sleep better at night. All parents can agree that this is reason enough to use blue. 

When deciding the colors of your child’s room, don’t stress. Paintzen color experts can help you get the best color for the room. You may also want to consider getting an accent wall or using some wallpaper for more intricate designs.

Order your free color samples and pick the paint that is best for your family.