8 White Rooms That Will Remind You Of Winter

Snow, ivory, cream – the colors’ names conjure up images of rooms that are clean, pure and warm. Here are 8 beautiful winter white rooms, showing the color is perfect for every space, from living rooms to kitchens.

Photo: House Beautiful

Designer Lynn Morgan’ simple family room in a Connecticut farmhouse was a top-pinned photo with good reason. This dog-friendly, kid-friendly winter-white living room says, “Come on in.”

Photo: Domino

This upstate home in Hudson, New York, circa 1910, puts white through its paces. Here, the color is as varied and nuanced as any other in the spectrum. From weathered floors to walls to statuary, the snow, cream and gray-sky hues show how the pros layer this minimalist tone.

Photo: My Domaine

Against brightest white walls, warm white furnishings stand out. To get this look, choose sofas, lamp shades and window shades in varying winter white tones. Then warm it all up with wood accents and house plants.

Photo: Hymns and Verses

Keep the holiday spirit alive all winter with a seasonal mantel decorated, not with Christmas decor, but accents that imbue the winter spirit. Sand-colored walls and a creamy fireplace color are complemented by your own collection of favorite things.

Photo: South Shore Decorating Blog

A grand living room deserves a color to match. Ivory walls showcase architectural details like dentil molding while soaring windows bring in tons of natural light. A natural palette of rust, ochre and chocolate; traditional patterns in the damask upholstery and geometric rugs; and clean-lined furniture create a timeless, elegant style that’s also totally livable.

Photo: Country Living

A Dallas designer converted two, century-old sheds into a cozy, 250-square-foot guest house. She chose an understated black-and-white color scheme that doesn’t overwhelm the tiny space. Natural touches, like houseplants, herbs and wooden accents makes the miniature home feel like an extension of the outdoors.

Photo: Laurel & Wolf

To keep an all-white from being sterile and cold, here are some tips. Keep the decor simple and use accents to create contrast. Layer whites of all hues, from ash to snow then add metallics to reflect light.

Photo: Bonesteel Trout Hall via DecorPad

“That white kitchen — can you believe they did that?” said no one ever. White is the kitchen’s best friend, a no-fail color that never goes out of style. Whether you’re staying put for years or repainting to sell, white and kitchens go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even the family dog approves.

Inspired to try winter white in your own home? Choose your color samples then upload your photos to try them on. Not only will our designers help you pick the right shade, we even send out a top local team to do the painting for you.