Three ways to make your teeny-tiny living space feel HUGE

Sometimes, home sweet home is a little smaller than we might like. But fear not! When it comes to painting and color selection, there are tricks of the trade, confirmed by teams of interior decorators and decorative painters, that can make even the smallest of spaces feel large and airy. Will any of these work in your home?

Stick to a unified color palette.

It’s understandable that you may not want everything in your room to resonate the same color. But too many colors can make a space look cluttered and busy, even if it is not physically full of furniture or decor items. Think monochromatic, and try to use different shades of one main color. Keeping all your chosen hues within the same color family helps make a space feel consistent and flowing, and removes that disorderly, cramped feeling in a room.

Keep it light

As you may know, lightning is a key element when it comes to making a space feel bigger than it is. When it comes to paint, it’s important to remember this fact and use it to your advantage. Using soft, bright colors, both neutrals and pastels will help light easily reflect and multiply within a room and keep it feeling airy and spacious. Try a cafe au-lait neutral or a soft gray paired with whites and breathe in all that open space around you.  *Bonus tip: Add one piece of dark decor, such as a black shelf or vase on a coffee table to add a feeling of centered grounding to the room!

Paint walls half way up for height

Psychological studies have shown that people are instinctively drawn to higher ceilings, probably due to the feelings of freedom and positivity associated with open air around us. Even if your ceiling is right around that average of 8 feet, you can make it feel larger by being creative with your wall paint. If you paint your walls about halfway up and have the top half match your ceilings, you get the illusion of loftier ceilings, the walls reaching higher into the air above. (Plus, it adds some architectural appeal!)