Here are four tips for a complete and sufficient guide on how to create a zen space. Don’t let your home be a place you dread when you get home after a long day; let it be your Mecca.

Light Furniture

To achieve a natural and bright feel in your home, furniture should be of significant quality and painted in light colors. This should match the rest of the interior of the room. More specifically, bedroom furniture should in a direct path to natural light. Bedroom décor should be kept to a minimum, and you should avoid ornate decorations. Wool or fleece blankets and are perfect. Pair them with different size pillows.

bedroom accent wallpaper


One of the most heightened senses is our sense of smell. If you smell something unbecoming, it can put you in a bad mood. If you smell a scent that is smooth, clean, and fresh such as pure linen or beachy smells, it will emphasize a zen and calm atmosphere.

Find your Green Thumb

Green plants can produce more oxygen to go into the air, and more oxygen leads to a calmer space. The more green plants you have, the more oxygen will be provided. Make sure to avoid plants with flowers because they can take away from the natural smells in your home. Bonsai or terrariums are the most suitable for this situation.

bedroom black paint


In the end, your main goal is to ultimately de-clutter and regain some semblance in your life. To achieve that perfect zen-like home, make sure to eliminate clutter, and just RELAX!

Finally, nothing says zen space like a calming color on your walls. With a fresh coat of paint, you can clean up any space and make it minimal and zen.