The Best Paint Colors for Sunny Southern Rooms

Everyone loves a south-facing room. The sunlight washes through the windows, bathing the room in warmth and Vitamin D. But choosing the right paint colors for sunny rooms can be challenging. 

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Paint colors for a south-facing room can be fun. Sunlight reveals the warm undertones of many paint colors, but it can also present a unique challenge. A south-facing room will experience more changes in natural light than other spaces. A paint color that looked just perfect in the middle of the day may look different in the morning or evening.

beige kitchen white cabinets 2

It’s important to look at your colors during different parts of the day. This exposes the color to the full spectrum of the day’s natural light. 

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Southern Rooms with Plenty of Exposure

If your southern facing room has a lot of windows, you may want to avoid bright paint colors, they can seem a bit garish when the sun hits them. For the same reason, overly warm colors like yellow, orange, and gold-tinted creams can make the room feel too warm.

Paintzen professional painters have had success using light grays with blue undertones. Our color consults believe this color helps balance out that excess warmth without seeming too cold. Tornado by PPG is a lovely example, as it has a subtle blue-green undertone.

light gray blue painted wall gray bed

Pale blues are also quite nice for cooling down a room, such as with this blue bedroom.

Southern Rooms with Fewer Windows

It’s easier to use bold paint colors in south-facing rooms that don’t have as many windows. The light will automatically be a bit cooler, but Paintzen house painters say there is still enough sunshine that using a truly bold color won’t make the space seem even darker.

The rich, reddish-purple of this beautiful sitting room doesn’t overwhelm the space because there’s enough light to balance it.

rich purple sitting area home

Even a moody, purple-gray like the one found in this dining room doesn’t look too dark in a southern facing room.

boho dining nook

Last Tips for Southern Rooms

Southern facing rooms are great places for plants. If you’re a lover of leafy green foliage, keep in mind when choosing a paint color that all those greens will add an additional layer to your color palette.

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