The Most Popular Exterior Colors to Paint Your Home in 2020

Summer’s here, and the time is right for (a) dancing in the street, (b) taking a vacation [or maybe a staycation because 2020] or (c) painting your house. Answer: All of the above. Warmer temps and better weather make it the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior. So, we scoured the trends and found 8 hot summer colors for your exterior paint project.



High-drama and high-fashion, black used to be relegated to doors and shutters. Now it’s graduated to one of the most popular field colors of the year. We’ve seen small ranches, mid-size moderns and charming row houses, like this one, painted this scene-stealing hue. Try it with crisp white trim and a neutral door in black or plain wood. We love PPG’s Onyx.

Blue Gray


Gray is as popular for exteriors as it is for interiors, and considering it’s been the top color in interiors for years, that’s saying something. This deep blue gray gets a crisp, modern look from black trim and beige accents, all of which were (pro tip) pulled from the hues of the foundation stone. Try PPG’s Inevitable.

Silver Gray


Another favorite gray hue? Delicate silver-gray. This field color works with most home styles – and most HOA standards, too. Really make it sing with a brightly painted front door. We’re partial to this teal. Try PPG’s Felted Wool, and Blue Paisely on the door!



Beige is one of those neutrals whose popularity waxes and wanes. But we’re seeing a comeback of the pale and mid-tone versions of the hue. Maybe it’s because it’s classic and comforting, and we all need a dose of something unchanging right now. Try PPG’s Dusty Trail.

Dark Blue


For folks who want a dark-colored exterior but don’t want to commit to the tuxedo appeal of black, try dark blue. Inky enough to carry the same feeling, but light enough to feel welcoming – black sometimes come off as austere – it’s a good compromise of style and ease. Try PPG’s 2020 Color of the Year, Chinese Porcelain.



We’ve seen houses painted green everywhere on IG lately. Light green, dark green and everything in between – like this pretty, sage-green cottage. Accent colors pulled from nature, rather than the traditional white or cream, look updated and fresh. Try PPG’s Be Yourself.

Greenish Blue


Greenish blue is another one of those must-see colors on Insta. Whether you choose the light side, the dark side or pair them together, this is a forward-looking color choice. Try PPG’s Bermuda.



This year, cream edges out pure white in the color trends. It’s warm and clean and, when paired with white, black or gray, looks totally on point. We love Vanilla Milkshake by PPG!

If you’re thinking of painting your exterior, let us help. Start by browsing colors at our Color Tool, then hit us up for some free color samples. And if you’re ready to paint, we can help with that, too.