These Calming Paint Colors Will Soothe Your Soul

The more our world changes, the more we need homes that calm and heal. You can use paint color to create that atmosphere by choosing colors that reduce anxiety and depression, and bring on happiness and a sense of peace. Here are 11 paint paint colors to soothe your weary soul.

Deep Blue

Paint color: Blue Jewel

Studies show that blue has a calming effect on our brains, making us feel safer and more comfortable. A deep, watery blue evokes the safety of the womb. Wrap yourself in comfort.

Quiet Pink

Paint color: Tea Time

The aptly named Tea Time, with its calming brown undertone, is a neutral pink that romances without being overly feminine. Pull in a touch of nature’s calm by pairing it with sage or khaki.

Spa Green

Paint color: Summer Breeze

Like its cousin, Deep Blue, this light turquoise hue calls to mind images of water. But instead of mountain lakes, it takes you straight to a Caribbean beach. So, even if a beach trip isn’t in your future yet, you can still envelop yourself in that relaxing feeling any time.

Mysterious Purple

Paint color: Gooseberry

Saturated purples, like this deep chocolatey raspberry, impart a sense of mystery. Bring out your spiritual side with a color that will get you in touch with your inner calm.

Delicate Gray

Paint color: Moondance

Gray has played an important role in design over the last decade. A color like Moondance, with its delicate purple undertone, washes your room in a color that’s at once healing and on trend.

Spring Green

Paint color: Spring Blossom

Bring your space to life with this soft-yet-cheery lime green. To pull yourself out of the doldrums, accent it with aqua or turquoise, and trim its edges with crisp white.

Soft Blue

Paint color: Graceful

Graceful is a soft, subdued blue is reminiscent of twilight. Use it to create a safe place for your mind to unspool after a day spent scrolling through your social feeds.

Comforting Greige

Paint color: Cool Slate

This warm, delicate greige is a perfect paint color for any room. Pair it with black or navy trim for an unforgettably meditative space.

Happy Yellow

Paint color: Easy on the Eyes

Yellow isn’t necessarily the first color to come to mind when you think “calm.” But its inherently sunny warmth adds a touch of happiness to any space. And right now, we could all use a dose of happy.

Inner-Strength Brown

Paint color: El Capitan

Brown implies reliability and fortitude. Like its namesake, the towering Yosemite mountain Ansel Adams made famous, El Capitan’s rich beige helps us find our inner strength.

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