Reading Nooks for Small Spaces

If there’s a recipe for a perfect reading nook, these rooms have found it. Read on and get inspired by these reading nooks for small spaces.

Corners Are Your Friends

ceiling painting 4

The first ingredient is a quiet corner. Bonus if it’s next to the windows, where you can sit and gaze for hours. Decorate your window nook with plenty of greenery and soft cushioning with soft, inviting colors to make for some cozy reading.

The Perfect Chair

home office beige yellow chair

Another element is excellent seating. You can go with a window seat if you home offers or find a comfortable reading chair or chaise lounge chair near a floor lamp and some books. You might even find some space for your reading corner in your home office.

Nooks Love Plants

green accent wall brown couch

This green wall, paired with the green plants, helps make this large open space feel cozy. It helps bring the space in and makes you feel like you’re sitting outside, relaxing on a nice day with a good book.

Add Layers

cream white boho living room

If you love Boho style, you’ll love this idea: soft blankets, pillows, and seating everywhere you turn. This room addresses another function of reading niches, the nap.

Floating Shelves

attic room white wood tree

What would a reading nook be without books? Store them on the floor, or install some floating shelves to really make your reading corner stand out without taking up too much real estate in your living area.

Give Your Kids A Spot

light purple kids bedroom

Start training kids early to appreciate the book nook. This reading area in a kid’s room combines toy storage, snack space, and extra-cute pillows to get this charming look. Try a paint color like PPG’s Blue Opal to recreate this nook!

Now that you know what ingredients you need to mix your perfect reading nook, how will your final product look?