Rooms Inspired By 1970s Paint Colors

1970s interior design was sort of like Saturday morning kids show. You look back now and wonder how we hit that level of cool and surreal (and just what those designers were smoking). Exhibit A: Aqua Man from the ’70s Saturday morning cartoon, Justice League:

Interior design-wise, the world looked equally surreal and cool. Oversized, marshmallow furniture; mind-bending geometric patterns; don’t forget the colors — everything from the richest earth tones to the brightest Mondrian color-splats.

By the ’80s, the ’70s were all a big joke (in Rock This Town, the Stray Cats sang, “Well, there’s a real square cat, he looks a-1974”). But now — from the furniture to the wallpaper to the hashish-hazed colors — the ’70s design is back on top. And we have the pictures to prove it.

green foyer with staircase

In this home, the owners love their vintage colors. Avocado — one of the largest color trends of the ’70s — plays a starring role in the entryway. You can also use a PPG paint color like Guacamole to bring in the Avocado green.

yellow kitchen island

Another color trend from the Me Decade, mustard, showed up in everything from bathroom tile to kitchen countertops. Here, it takes an updated turn in a kitchen. Try PPG’s Turner’s Yellow for a similar look.

kids tent in white den

White paint is a great color for design experimentation.

wallpaper black and white

The ’70s were about extremes, from the Vietnam war to the fight for women’s rights. It showed up in the decade’s love for the yin/yang of black and white. Here, this wallpaper cleverly shows that contrast.

white living room green plant bookshelves

In 1976, you put on your Bad News Bears t-shirt, tied your hair in ponytails with crocheted ribbons, and sat in your mom’s hanging rattan chair to read, Are You There, God, It’s Me, Margaret. Even if you weren’t born in 1976, you could recreate the look with creamy white walls, wood-toned furniture, and your own jungle.

domio chicago white hallway

In a time of excess, there was some minimalism, too. Brown, beige, cream, and gold owned rooms from Boston to Barcelona. In this hallway, the colors are reborn as accents: the light, white hallway.

cream white boho living room

If today’s mantra is, “Lean In,” the mantra 40 years ago was, “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” People bucked the system in many ways, but one shocking one (to their parents, at least) was eschewing furniture. Why bother with a couch when it’s cheaper, easier, and groovier to use throw pillows? Make your own nest with a cozy blend of body pillows, rugs, and tribal-print throws.

basic apartment bedroom white walls

Geometric patterns showed up everywhere, particularly repeating diamonds like the ones on this rug. Low-slung furniture in space-age designs showed the decade’s future focus (and its throwing-off of anything traditional).

grisoro designs bathroom wallpaper

Here’s another take on the decade’s love of geometric and black and white. This was when metallics and plastics came on strong, too. Lucite, brass, and copper warm up the subtle wallpaper in this on-trend powder room.

1970s paint colors style living room yellow accent

You can’t go wrong with white walls and well-done wood paneling in any decade. To get a throwback vibe, add low shag carpet, mustard-and-gray furniture, accents, and abstract art. Comfortable, stylish, and oh-so-70s.

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