You’ll Love These 8 Meditation Room Paint Colors

The key to creating a meditation room is to think of it as a small sanctuary, a place you go for self-care and peace. The purity of white paint provides a soothing backdrop, making your meditation room a place where you can clear your mind and shut out the world. Take tips for your meditation room in your home by using one of these 8 serene meditation room paint colors.

modern minimalist bathroom white

Meditation is all about sitting, so it makes sense to start with a comfortable place to be seated. If you love Boho, try a carved, wooden couch base with a futon cushion and overstuffed pillows. It will give your room style and a comfortable place to reflect. Potted plants and wood accessories, like the coffee table, make nature part of your daily devotional.

Try Gypsum for a similar color.

apartment plants living room

Dream up a blanket fort made from a richly colored hanging tent and a stack of quilts. Add a floral wallpaper on an ecru background for the ultimate in romantic retreats.

zen space green plants

Sometimes you have to meditate whenever you can grab time. Busy moms might make baby’s nursery extra-soothing with a day bed, a plush rug, and a footrest. In this room, being in the moment takes on new meaning as you gaze into your little one’s eyes. Delicate White is a good choice here.

boho living accent wall

White paint is a good backdrop for a meditation space, but that doesn’t mean the whole room has to be colorless. Add bright spots of color via a bold rug and a vase of flowers. You’ll enjoy opening your eyes as much as you do closing them. Pick a creamy hue, like Cow’s Milk, so your rug is the star.

minimalist nook white

Small homes and apartments may not have an entire room to devote to meditation, so find a quiet corner and add props: a cozy rug, pillows, and a pouf. Then whether you’re practicing yin yoga on the rug, or sitting on the pouf to meditate, you’ll feel safe and in harmony with your home. A gray-white, like Silver Screen, is a good choice here.

minimal white living room

Many Japanese Zendos, or meditation huts, have sliding doors that allow meditators to experience nature while they sit. If your home doesn’t have that feature, meditating by the window (open or closed) is the next best thing. And on your altar, include items from the elements: fire, water, earth and air for an extra dose of the outdoors. Start your meditation space with Evening Mist.

minimal white bedroom

To meditate, you don’t need anything but a place to sit and an empty mind. A chair in the corner does just fine — and empty picture frames make a humorous commentary on the blank mental space you’re hoping to achieve. A rich yellow-white, like Belgian Waffle doubles for both your bedroom and meditation-space hue.


minimal first apartment white

Burning incense sets your sacred space apart from the world and can help you focus during meditation. Simple decor, like the design in this photo, helps, too. It all works together to keep you from being distracted and encourage you to focus inward. The palest gray, Silver Feather, works for both walls and floors.

To create your own meditation room, start with clean, white walls, a comfortable place to sit, and decor that brings out your spiritual side. Find a white paint color for your quiet corner of the world in our Color Gallery.

You can also order free color samples of the most relaxing hues and we will send them straight to your door. When you’re ready to paint, our interior paint professionals can help!