The Best Instagram Design Accounts to Follow in 2017

New year, new accounts to follow.

Instagram Design accounts are seemingly ubiquitous, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to follow ones that are original, innovative, and qualified enough to be blessed by your follow. Luckily for you, we’ve done the difficult task of searching through the treacherous waters of aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages (poor us!) and have gathered the hottest and most reputed Instagram accounts to follow. Now, all you have to do is follow these amazing ladies (girl power!) and get ready to not only feed your inspiration but scroll through your newly exalted feed.

1. For major #beachvibes, Emily Sweeten’s account offers the perfect mixture of nautical blues and classic whites, culminating in an account reminiscent of summers spent in the Hamptons (in our dreams.)

Photos from @thewickerhouse account
Photos from @thewickerhouse‘s account – Emily Sweeten

2. For pristine patterns and #texturedtextile, Claire Staszak’s account offers ways to add eclectic designs into even the most color-shy homeowner’s room. Consisting of almost every color on the spectrum, this page still manages to be cohesive and teaches you that your style can be, too.

Photos from @centered_by_design account
Photos from @centered_by_design‘s account – Claire Staszak


3. For #extremeelegance and perfectly placed pops of color, Kelley Nan’s account overflows with tasteful design, showcasing how impactful paying attention to detail can be. She updates traditional pieces with contemporary designs, resulting in a look that is not only timeless but exemplary.

Photos from @kelleynan account
Photos from @kelleynan‘s account

4. For a #polished and fresh take on the farmhouse style, Becki Owens’s account is equal parts cozy and cool; bright white walls serve as the perfect background for her key pieces, letting the raw texture of her wooden fixtures warm up the room. With over 461k followers, she must be doing something right.

Photos from @beckiowens account
Photos from @beckiowens‘s account


5. For #captivatingculture, Aphrochic’s account celebrates African American life in their interior designs. Beautiful braided & woven pieces dress up the room with jewel tones: hues that are flattering in any room, with any color. The account is unapologetically proud – and it shows in their sublime style.

Photos from @aphrochic account
Photos from @aphrochic‘s account

6. For both #boho and Parisian vibes, One Kings Lane blends the refined and unrefined, the modern and the vintage, and the trendy and the traditional designs that have brought them over 522k followers. Soft amethyst and muted mulberry colors add a feminine touch that is unique to their design.

Photos from @onekingslane account
Photos from @onekingslane‘s account

7. For the ultimate #farmhousechic inspiration, Tiffany Jorge’s account fuses American design with European flair, culminating in a composition of natural elements and synthetic signs of vintage allure. Her account is centered around her young family, highlighting the importance of a house stylish enough for a chic mama, but functional enough for little foot steps to run through.

Photos from @mygreyskyehome account
Photos from @mygreyskyehome‘s account

8. For the perfect amalgamation of French form and #industrial design, Decoraid’s account offers clean cut interiors centered around city style. Artfully placed wall pieces are this account’s forte, resulting in rooms that are effortless (and envious.)

Photos from @decoraid account
Photos from @decoraid‘s account

9. For #Victoriancharm, Nicole Balch’s account tells her renovation story in photos, unveiling the refurbished interior of her house just outside of Chicago. Brimming with character, her account brings back majestic wood work and original features that are only found in mature houses.

Photo from @makingitlovely account
Photo from @makingitlovely‘s account

10. For #organic design, Sarah Sherman Samuel’s account leaves as much of a statement as her name does. Earthy elements bring the outside in, accruing in elevated photos typical of Condé Nast. As if that’s not enough, her gorgeous family sneaks into a couple of her pictures.

Photos from @sarahshermansamuel account
Photos from @sarahshermansamuel‘s account

11. Decorist Official’s account brings #bold colors in muted fashions to create a room replete with dynamic elements. Mixing country charm with city life, these designs will satisfy all viewers’ tastes for all the right reasons.

Photos from @decoristofficial account
Photos from @decoristofficial‘s account

12. With about 1.4m followers worth of credentials, Arch Digest’s account offers a page as #widespread and #diverse as its viewers. Each photo is more stunning than the next, which means your feed will get increasingly inspired with every scroll.

Photo from @archdigest's account
Photos from @archdigest‘s account

13. For the #hottest fashion-turned-furniture, Elle Decor’s account is where it’s at – and the design doesn’t just stop in the interior. Little gems of Portugal, London, and Europe’s finest are scattered throughout the feed, making you hungry for style (and some good Portuguese food).

Photos from @elledecor's account
Photos from @elledecor‘s account

14. For #colorpop (and we’re not talking about the liquid lipstick,) Domino Mag’s account has every color your heart could desire – but it’s not in obvious ways. There may be mega wall envy, but colors can be gathered from pots, pans, and, yes, food (check out the bottom left photo.) It shows you that color doesn’t always have to be painted on, but a gorgeous feature wall couldn’t hurt.

Photos from @dominomag's account
Photos from @dominomag‘s account

15. To finish this aesthetic list, My Domaine’s account offers the ultimate feminine touch but makes it so #versatile that even the most macho man can’t resist turning his head. After all, beauty has no gender.

Photos from @mydomaine account
Photos from @mydomaine‘s account

So, who will you be following?