Our Favorite Aqua Paint Colors

We’re obsessing over aqua. Shades of aqua can fall anywhere between blue and green and bring a burst of personality into any space.

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Aqua is an extremely versatile color scheme. Vibrant shades of aqua really pack a punch and are perfect for adding exciting pops of color into unexpected places, like cabinet interiors or a playroom accent wall. Other most subtle shades are best used when creating a more tranquil aesthetic. Using these colors in small bathrooms and living rooms can create a coastal feel.

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Aqua is extremely popular in interior design. You’ll find it in kitchen backsplashes, wall coverings, rugs, and other accents. One of the most exciting ways to use aqua is on an accent wall or a statement ceiling.

How to Use Aqua

Aqua can vary from soft and soothing to bright and creative. Paint colors like PPG’s Bermuda or Acapulco Cliffs are bold and impactful hues. They are the perfect accent to otherwise neutral spaces. Paintzen recently painted a nursery in Hoboken, NJ with a unique Chevron pattern that incorporated some vertical aqua stripes.

More subtle shades of aqua are lovely in bedrooms. In fact, studies have actually shown that shades of blue have helped individuals sleep better. In another recent Paintzen project, our painters transformed the bedroom of a professional organizer in NYC into a dreamy space, inspired by clouds and cotton candy. Try PPG Paints Isle Royale to get this look:

nyc bedroom aqua walls colorful

Other subtle shades of aqua, like Frosty Glade and Colonial Aqua, lean more towards a green aqua than blue and are welcoming colors. Our Paintzen house painters have had success with these colors in entryways, living rooms, and even guest bedrooms – anywhere you want to create an ambiance that is warm and inviting.

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Find Your Shade

Here are some of our favorite shades of aqua paint by PPG Paints:

Download our Favorite Shades of Aqua (Featuring PPG Paints) cheat sheet to help find the color that works best for your space.

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