Top 10 Best Paint Colors for Spring

Open up the latest issue of Vogue and you’re sure to see these gorgeous colors on the world’s top models. They also happen to work as the best paint colors for spring!

1. Lavender

lavender purple front door

Lavender is one of the fashion industry’s favorite hues. As a paint color, like PPGs Puturple, it’s every bit as fresh and unforgettable.

2. Violet

violet sitting room with purple chair

Violet, a shade bolder than lavender, pairs beautifully with mauve and white. Try it with bronze accents — reminiscent of topping a violet blouse with a glimmering necklace. Check out PPG’s Violet Eclipse for this look.

3. Rose

soft rose walls with white undertones

Once a color reserved for little girls, rose is now all grown up. A color like Lauren’s Lace is elegant and refined, it makes any space the ultimate in femininity.

4. Sky Blue

sky blue bathroom

If your look is totally Zen, why shouldn’t your bathroom be, too? Bring a calm vibe to your loo with relaxing sky-blue walls using PPG’s Zen color.

5. Spring Green

spring green exterior

Spring green brings out the joy of this colorful season in both clothes and in interior design. We love green paint, like Harmonious pops in this vintage kitchen, making the most of the warm, wooden floors, and architectural details.

6. Army Green

dark green breakfast nook

Like spring green’s older sister, army green also spotlights architectural details. But it also adds a grown-up sophistication we love. Check out Globe Artichoke for this look.

7. White

white paint in the hallway

Nothing is cleaner than a white t-shirt — or a white wall. Here, the minimalist window, outlined in this purest of colors, draws the eye.

8. Delicate White

Mindy Kaling's New York bedroom has clean, white walls

Actress Mindy Kaling embraced bright white for her bedroom when local NYC Paintzen painters recently painted her apartment. White walls allow for more freedom with colors and textures in furniture and decor.

9. Chocolate

brown accent wall in bedroom

Chocolate — such a rich, layered hue. In this room, it’s used on an eye-catching accent wall, and picked up smartly in the accessories.

10. Yellow

yellow accent wall in the dining room

Sunny-side up! A yellow paint like Lazy Daizy doesn’t just make a spring dress feel cheery. It also makes the most of this adorable tete-a-tete breakfast nook.

Love these springy, nature-inspired hues as much as we do? Find more great color ideas in our samples portal.

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