Whether your children are back to school in person, are doing remote learning, or are homeschooled, having a dedicated space for their school work gives them a place to focus and keeps the clutter off of your dining room table. Making this home school room feel special doesn’t require a complete design — it simply requires a new coat of paint. Read on to learn more about homeschool room design ideas to create a space that will make your children feel excited about learning.

Colors That Make Learning Easier

If you want to avoid committing to a complete homeschool room design, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders to change the space and impact the room’s mood. Different colors bring different vibes to an area, so below are some of the top color choices for homeschool room ideas.

Keep Your Student Focused With a Beige Theme

Creamy neutrals can provide a blank canvas to help your child tune out external noise and stressors. Drenching the walls in a neutral, warm beige can aid in your children feel more secure in their learning environment while reducing fatigue and promoting relaxation. Covering the walls from ceiling to baseboards will result in an overall cohesive effect. Neutral beige will help your child focus less on the decor and more on their school work.

beige paint in homeschool room

Create a Calming Learning Environment With the Help of Green

Mimicking the feeling of nature can instill a sense of calm and peace if your little ones have some school-related anxiety. A deep, rich green or bright shade of green can provide a nature-inspired background to help get your children into a good headspace to focus on school work.

green paint in homeschool room

Keep Your Student Energized Using an Orange Color

Create an environment that will give your children some pep in their step, and be more alert. For example, painting the walls a vibrant shade of orange can provide them with an energy boost and help them stay focused on school work. However, if painting all the walls orange is too bright, consider painting all the trim and select a coordinating wallpaper or paint color for the walls.

beige pink paint in home office

Boost Creativity With a Pop of Yellow

The color of sunshine and positivity, this sunny hue can boost creativity and help your little ones pay attention during lessons or homework. A pale, buttery yellow can have a calming effect, while a vibrant, saturated yellow can give your children an energy boost during the afternoon slump.

yellow paint in home office

Whiteboard Paint

There’s nothing more inspiring than a creative whiteboard session. Transforming a wall into a whiteboard will give your children the space they need to draw out everything from vision boards to long division. Whiteboard paint isn’t paint, but a coating that transforms any wall into a dry erase surface. Whiteboard paint is a perfect way to add a creative avenue in school rooms, offices, playrooms, and kid’s rooms. This wall treatment finally makes it okay to draw on the walls.

Before applying the whiteboard paint, sand the walls to remove any imperfection and create a smooth canvas. Then, a pure white base coat should be applied. This will result in the whiteboard paint appearing as a true white and not picking up any undertones. The humidity in the room should be less than 50 percent to avoid any damage paint’s ability to erase.

solving problems on whiteboard

Chalkboard Paint

If you love the look and feel of an old-fashioned schoolroom chalkboard, applying it to your homeschool space is a perfect way to add both function and form to your children’s learning area. You can use chalkboard paint as a surface to write to-do lists, for your child to work through math problems, or as a place to doodle. Adding a wood frame border will lend a custom, classic look.

Any surface can be turned into a chalkboard with chalkboard paint. To have the best results, prep work is essential. To achieve the smoothest results, cleaning and sanding the surface are the most important steps before applying the chalkboard paint.

chalkboard paint in homeschool

Wallpaper of Books

If you want to give your learning space a library-inspired vibe, covering a nook or a wall with a book-themed wallpaper can do the trick. Using peel and stick wallpaper is a low-commitment way to transform the space easily.

Stenciled Quotes

Make learning an adventure with stenciled quotes. Inspiring quotes in vinyl wall decals or hand-painted letters can give your older children the motivation they need to work hard and have fun during the process. Involve your children in the process, and encourage them to search for quotes that resonate best with them.

For more on paint and wallpaper that will take your students to the head of the class, visit our Color Tool. Browse trending colors, see examples of our projects, or order free 8″ x 8″ wallpaper samples (also great for art projects).