The Best Cottage Paint Colors That Will Make You Happy

Cottages have a beloved charm that comes, in part, from the cozy paint colors that are their hallmarks. So whether you have a year-round cape cod-style cottage or a weekend retreat that needs some coastal color, we’ve laid out the best cottage color palettes for your home decor.

White Paint and Cottages Are BFFs

old cottage light blue

For an unbeatable and classic cottage style, choose a neutral white paint like PPG’s Gypsum.  Show off the architectural details with white crisp lines complemented by a gray blue for a look that’s all your own.

A Red Paint Color That Really Was Born In a Barn

red cottage in wooded area

If you love the cottage style with a country twist, try the paint color Barn Door. This rosy-red-brown can make even a 20th-century home, like this one, look like a centuries-old farmhouse.

Bold, Blue and Beautiful

cozy cabin blue exterior

A cottage’s style starts at the front door — and while cottages are known for their softer side, they can also be quaintly bold. For this colorful combo, try Niagara Falls + Cobalt Glaze.

Green Walls and Wood Tones

green breakfast nook

Green brightens this cottage breakfast nook.  Natural wood tones in the floor, barstool legs, and open kitchen shelves give this space the light feel of a wooded glade.

Play Up the Architectural Details

attic bedroom skylight accent wall

If white is the most classic cottage color, blue is a close second. In this space, the trim is a shade darker than the walls, setting off the living room’s beautiful architectural details.

A Color As Sunny as the Beach

white living room yellow curtains

When at the beach, follow the sun — on the walls, that is. This adorable coastal cottage takes its wall color from the sun’s yellow rays, and its trim from clouds and water. Surf’s up! (P.S. To steal this look, pair Tint of Turquoise with the bright and cheerful Lazy Daizy.)

Expose the Woodgrain With a Stain

One of the hottest trends for cottages and rustic-modern homes is black-stained wood. The see-through stain in a color like Black Magic keeps the room from being too heavy, and the exposed wood grain gives it that touch of cottage style.

For more great paint color ideas for your own cottage, hang out in our samples portal. We’re sure you’ll be inspired.

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