Get the Look: Modern Farmhouse

The “Modern Farmhouse” may seem like something reserved for country homes and townhouses, yet it’s appealing aesthetic seems to be everywhere you turn! The signature quality of this interior decorating style is a soft, rustic look that blends country sensibility with soft, muted colors. On the interior design spectrum, it falls somewhere between “Shabby Chic” and “Industrial.”

This versatile trend is very cozy, with rustic farmhouse colors adding warmth and a lived-in feeling to even minimalistic interiors. One of the best qualities of a Modern Farmhouse color palette is that you almost always see a harmonious range of hues, blending and complementing one another to achieve a unique but cohesive look.

Before you say goodbye to your white walls and hire a painter, take a step back to decide on a great palette inspired by this very Pinterest-worthy interior design trend. Here are five great Modern Farmhouse colors by PPG that are perfect to help you achieve the look!

Polaris is a muted green-blue color that works great as an interesting and unique take on a neutral palette. Because of Polaris’ gray-ish undertones, it can be used in nearly any room in your home. It makes a cool yet inviting entryway color choice, since that space often features decorative mirrors, wall sconces, and hardware like coat hooks. Silver and iron-hued metals contrast beautifully with this earthy tone. Paired with soft white glossy trim, Polaris makes quite an impact.

Bonfire is a rustic blush hue that serves as a bright, vibrant pick-me-up to an otherwise soft and subtle palette. It’s aesthetic may remind you of a classic red barn against an open field and a blue sky. Reds are full of energy, so this is a good choice for painting accent pieces like cabinets, doors, or antique wooden furniture that add some personality to a room. If you’re feeling especially bold, you can use this shade of paint for an accent wall – providing a focal point for artwork or picture frames, or as a saturated backdrop behind white-washed furniture.

Whiskers is a soft, gray taupe that is a warmed up alternative to white. If you are curious about creating a rustic farmhouse palette but aren’t feeling as confident playing with some of the more saturated options, this is a great place to start. Whiskers is the perfect base color for walls in the living room or dining room and contrasts beautifully with white window frames and moldings. Its neutrality gives you the freedom to pair it with warm shades like Bonfire or with blues and greens like Farm Fresh for a more dramatic effect.

Speaking of greens, Farm Fresh is a gentle, worn shade of green that is evocative of the moss hanging lazily from an old, southern Oak tree. Green is known to be a very tranquil, soothing color, making this a great choice for adding some “zen” to a busy kitchen or bringing a peaceful calm to your bedroom. We also love to use greens in bathrooms – it can create a peaceful, cleansing space perfect for starting off your morning or ending your day.

Onyx is a charcoal gray that brings modernity and elegance to farmhouse style. If you need one deep color to center your palette, Onyx should be it. This is a wonderful choice for painting wainscoting in contrast with a light neutral like Whiskers on the walls above. It also makes a great accent color – it makes decorative fixtures and white trim and cabinets really pop. Onyx is also a stunning exterior paint color to consider if your modern farmhouse transformation extends to the outer walls of your home.

Once you’ve chosen your modern farmhouse color palette, you’ll be ready to hire a painter and get to decorating! Accent with distressed wood, rugged lines, silver and iron metals, and organic fabrics to fully complete the aesthetic. These chic but simple colors in the Modern Farmhouse style will transform your home in the coziest, most beautiful way.

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