5 Rooms to Paint with Chalkboard or Whiteboard Paint

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to jot something down but didn’t have a place to do it? Did you need to capture a great idea or needed to explain something to others? Writable wall paint can solve your problems.

Whether it is an elaborate idea or a reminder to pick up milk, writable wall paint is a functional and convenient resource to have.

Writable wall paint can be used in the office, the kitchen, children’s bedrooms, or along hallway walls as an innovative surface to help your family illustrate needs, errands, or creative design. Below are some examples of what Paintzen house painters can do with chalkboard or whiteboard paint.

Home Office

Home Office with Chalkboard Wall Calendar

A home office is a place where we go to work on projects that need our constant attention. You can have an entire wall of your office painted so that you have a space to write your inspirations or keep track of your calendar.

Office Whiteboard Wall with Post It Notes


Closet Doors Painted with Chalkboard Paint

Another excellent interior painting idea is to paint a wall in the family den using chalkboard or whiteboard paint. Here, the family can jot down notes to each other, play games, and draw.


Open Kitchen Shelving with Chalkboard Walls

Having a wall in your kitchen painted with chalkboard or whiteboard paint is a great idea. It serves as a place where you can write out grocery lists, tasks, or organize a wall. Paintzen house painters can help you get that rustic cafe feel with a chalkboard wall in your kitchen.

Mud Room

Entryway Chalkboard Wall with Chores

A mud room or entryway is an ideal place for a writeable wall. A chalkboard or whiteboard in an entryway is a fun place to write reminders, chores, or errands that need to be taken care of.

Children’s Bedroom

Children's Bedroom with Chalkboard Walls

Children love to express themselves and walls often fall victim to that. Consider having professional painters us writable wall paint in your child’s bedroom; it will look good and give them an outlet to create.

There are many creative wall painting ideas from the most functional to the most fun and exciting. Whether your office is being painted or your kid’s bedroom, writable paint is useful for everyone.

If you have a project in mind or are seeking some advice on how to best proceed in finishing the project, browse Paintzen’s painting services, specifically or Chalkboard and Whiteboard painting service. You can get a free and instant quote and in as few as 48 hours professional painters can be painting your space.