7 Foods for Kitchen Paint Color Inspiration

Some of the best moments of the week happen during family dinners. Make this time happy and exciting by choosing paint colors inspired by food for your kitchen or dining room. Here are 7 foods to give you kitchen paint color inspiration!

1) Red Delicious Apples

Paint color is a powerful tool for communicating, and by changing a hue, you can change a room’s entire mood — as well as the mood of the people in it.

kitchen paint color inspiration red

Red inspires excitement and love, making it a color that might just unite your family over the Thursday night pot roast. It’s also been shown to increase appetite, making it a good choice for a dining room.

2) Citrus Orange

Orange, a warm color, inspires feelings of happiness and harmony.

citrus orange paint colors for kitchen

A refreshing orange hue creates a kitchen that you naturally want to have a meal in. We love it, paired with a Robin’s Egg Blue fridge.

3) Yellow Pepper

Vincent Van Gogh loved yellow because it embodied the spirit of the sun — and that bright, enlivening energy translates the same way to your walls.

yellow pepper color paint

Yellow painted walls can make any kitchen happy and welcoming. Pro tip: Painting your shelves the same color as the walls let whatever is on them draw the eye, offering a visual contrast to your paint color.

4) Green is Good

Green is the color of the earth, grass, and health.

healthy green kitchen

When you see it in a dining room or kitchen, your brain knows that the food coming out of there is going to be good — and good for you. This color is also soothing and happy, too, making it a good choice for the room where the kids are most likely going to be doing their homework.

5) Blue…Berries

Studies show that blue makes us feel more calm and comfortable.

blueberry inspired kitchen paint color

People are also more productive in blue rooms. So if you love to cook, and you’re cooking for a family, what better color than one that makes you want to cook more? Just check out these beautiful ombre kitchen cabinets.

6) Egg White

White is one of the most popular paint colors, and it will never go out of style, making it a classic choice for kitchens.

egg white kitchen paint color

White is also clean, fresh, and simple, bringing to mind farmhouse kitchens where the family gathered around the table for meals.

7) Black Coffee

Black is another timeless color, and it evokes a sense of mystery, power, and calm.

coffee kitchen paint color inspiration

Like a black-and-white tux, black imparts a feeling of formal elegance to a dining room. But with farmhouse furnishings, it takes on the feel of a family pub. This is the dining room all the neighborhood kids will want to hang out in.

What paint colors will satisfy your appetite? Let our color tool help you decide on the best color for your kitchen. From color selection to professional interior painting, we’ve got you covered on your journey of finding kitchen paint color inspiration.