7 Beautiful Wedding Color Palettes For Your Home

We spend so much time planning weddings. Everything down to the wedding color palette is a reflection of the relationship. So why not carry the love of that palette into your life together? Here are popular wedding color palettes translated into beautiful ideas for home decor and paint colors.

Dusty Rose and Dusty Blue

This soft palette calls for romantic, rustic accents and swirls of sensual fabric.

Bring it to life in a bedroom with pale, blue-gray walls and layers of bedding. Ground it with navy and cream, and bring the pink in with flowers and accents.

pink and blue exterior

Sage Green and Lavender

This pretty combination flatters bridal parties and living spaces, equally.

To bring home this look, paint the walls a rich, sage green, like PPG’s Silver Laurel. Then layer in neutral furniture and rugs — chocolate is a yummy choice. Use rich purple for lamp shades and pillows, and choose ones with a luxury look and feel for this regal color.

olive green paint bedroom purple bed

Burgundy and Black

For fall or winter, burgundy and black create the set for a dramatic wedding.

It’s equally dramatic at home, and unapologetically so. Try a luscious velvet couch and ottoman, dark wood floors (stain them if they’re not dark already) and a floral mural. For the backdrop, paint the wall burgundy — try Bordeaux.  It’ll be as unforgettable as your special day.

red purple accent wall bedroom

Coral and Apricot

If your nuptial buzzwords are fresh, feminine and springy, this is the wedding color palette for you.

Do try this at home. Start with a neutral base, anchoring the sunny colors with a cream rug and sofa. Then start layering in colors — tutu-pink walls (we like Sweet Bianca), a coral side table and cushions in your color palette. Touches of gold, and clean-lined furniture will keep this from veering to the girlish side.

salmon pink walls

Gray-Blue and White

While this elegant color scheme works for winter weddings, it’s also one of the easiest to translate into the home.

Gray-blue tops the the list of popular bedroom paint colors for a reason — research shows you sleep better in a blue room, houses with bedrooms this color sell for more, and it’s just plain good-looking. But it can get visually chilly if paired with winter white, so keep your hues warm and your textures soft and lush.

open concept living room gray

Burnt Orange and Navy

Burnt orange is having a moment, not just in weddings, but in decor, too.

Pairing it with navy for a fall wedding is sumptuous, but bringing home that much color could overwhelm. Instead, go for the minimalist approach. Pull your primary hues in via an Oriental or tribal rug, and then add rustic, equally minimalist furniture, art and accents. This is style you can live comfortably with for years.

orange retro bedroom

Navy and Gold

For a summer or early fall wedding, consider navy and gold. This classic primary-color combo pleases on the aisle and in the house, too.

Navy walls make white trim and cabinetry pop, so don’t be afraid to go dark — Annapolis Blue is a classic. A gold sectional with midcentury modern inclinations suits the dramatic walls. Then pull it all together with art and accents that tell a color story as sweet as your wedding day’s.

featured project apt2b living room

For more ideas on how to bring home your wedding color palette, check out our Color Tool. There, you can browse trending colors, explore paint swatches or get a free quote.