What’s are the Best Apartment Paint Colors?

Choosing a paint color for your apartment or condo can seem overwhelming. If you’re renting, you might have to get approval. If you own, it’s a big project to take on by yourself.

What if you choose the wrong color and have to repaint? Compared to other home upgrades, painting is a commitment. Picking the right paint for your home decor can make small spaces feel cozy or cramped and uncomfortable.

If you’re in an apartment, you’re likely to be renting it. So, getting your landlord’s permission to repaint is the first challenge. Next, it’s finding a color you can both like. And, finally, when you move out, you’re probably going to have to repaint it, so you want it to be fast and easy to cover.

Before you text your landlord, check out these paint colors for apartments. In some cases, they’re non-colors (in a good way). Others may surprise you.

1) White

Your walls may already be white, but are they the right white? White walls can make your small room feel cold and impersonal like you’re living in corporate housing. But when you pick the right white — one that makes the most of your apartment’s architectural details and light — it can make all the difference. With limited natural light in apartments, consider going for a monochromatic look with white walls and white trim to make your space look even more prominent.

loft apartment white brick walls

2) Cream

Cream is just a couple of shades darker than white, but that hint of toast can warm up your apartment. This slightly darker hue may be just what you need to get rid of the apartment-paint blahs and give your home an interior designer look.

attic living room wallpaper accent

3) Teal

Here’s one of those hues that will surprise and delight. If you own your apartment, or you’re just painting one room, you can get away with this bolder blue-green color.

Mira Rapp Hooper, of the Flatiron District in Manhattan, wanted to give her daughter’s room a star-studded upgrade. So, she called Paintzen. “We wanted a design concept for our daughter’s room that was gender-neutral but not necessarily subtle or soft. We love a celestial theme because there are so many ways it can be stylish while still being ultra kid-friendly.”

nyc nursery teal gold stars

4) Gray

Gray is a natural for apartments. For one thing, you can’t get much more on-trend. For another, it’s light enough to repaint easily.

Lucy Liu chose the color for her son’s playroom. When selecting her color palette, she went with a neutral, contemporary style, rather than choosing primary colors, which are overused in children’s rooms and playrooms. But gray isn’t just for kids’ rooms. You could do your whole flat in this popular color and turn it into the unique space you crave.

feature project lucy liu

5) Chocolate

You probably didn’t expect a rich and dark color like chocolate brown to make a list. This is another one of those “I wouldn’t have gone there but… wow,” colors. Like the teal, it’s probably best used in one room (gorgeous in a dining room or living room) rather than the whole space. But what a statement.

gray living room big windows

6) Greige

Our last color is an easy go-to for any apartment. Like gray, it’s super-popular. But, like cream, it adds warmth to a space, making it feel homey and welcoming.

beige living room navajo rug

If you’re looking for the best paint color for your apartment, why not browse our color tool? You can get more ideas for your home and even request free samples. If you’re ready to go ahead and start painting, get a free quote with Paintzen, and we can come to paint your apartment quickly.