Unique Team Communication, #StartupStyle

Our friends over at TheSquareFoot wrote a piece on how they use whiteboards to increase productivity and communication!
Check out more tricks and tips for life in the office at their blog, here!  

One of the most important things to consider when growing your business and building a team is company culture. Is your team small enough that you can stay on the same page? Tools like email, an internal chat system, or a shared Google calendar often get cluttered. Do you all work in one room and know every detail about each team member’s day? There might be a better way to share information.

Central Point of Communication

With a small team and different departments, communication is important in building an honest and open company culture. In the commercial real estate industry, individual members of our team are always on the go. Our development team is working on products, and others have networking or partnership events. Our small team is flexible and juggling many tasks. But with that, we have found that sharing schedules and to-dos is necessary.

At TheSquareFoot, we used Paintzen to add aesthetics and practical applications to our space. We have turned one of the largest walls in our office into a giant, collaborative whiteboard. It serves many purposes. We also update it with events and noteworthy meetups or conferences. Another part of the board is devoted to product and site updates. It essentially acts as an activity monitor for the company, and a way for us to let each other know what projects we are focusing on currently, and what might become a priority in the future.


There are undoubtedly online tools for this kind of collaboration, but there is something about a giant wall with all the current company initiatives, from operations to tech to marketing, that makes us feel like we’re all working together. It allows everyone to see easily see how each functional team within the larger group is progressing and gives us all a sense of comradery. It reminds us that everyone is moving toward a common goal.

Whiteboards at SquareFoot Office