This Is a Blue You’ll Love Waking Up To

Ever wondered what the perfect blue would be to wake up to? Consider PPG’s Soft Cloud Blue. This has the essence of a beach sky.

light gray blue painted wall gray bed

PPG has a host of other beautiful blues that you can browse in our sample portal.

blue bedroom stock wood furniture

This pretty royal blue captures the regal vibe you might be looking for when used on both the walls and ceiling and when paired with a dark accent. The touches of gold in the quilt and the painting really make it sing.

You may even consider adding blue to your ceiling for an ultimate serene bedroom “sky” as you see below in this living room/bedroom area.

white brick walls blue ceiling

It’s a good partner for gray, whether mid-toned like Flagstone, or almost white, like Radisson.

blue bedroom round mirror

And here it is with that striking wood floors and a mirror to reflect natural light and make the room feel bigger.

Try Soft Cloud Blue with gray, brown or that delicious red-orange and you’ll turn any room into a celestial space.