Kicking Off the Year With a Beautiful Blue Paint

If there were a color that defined 2016, it was gray. Whether you wanted to stage your home to sell quickly or paint it a color you’d love to live with, a light gray would be the choice for you. But 2017 is taking a bolder stance, going for jewel tones, calling back colors from as far back as the ’80s and giving them a fresh, new look. One of our favorites to come to the front of the class is the beautiful blue paint, Admiralty, a blackened blue that leans toward navy.

2020 ppg coty bedroom

Here is a bedroom that embodies the bold blue.

napolean ppg blue living room

This New York living room draws from the navy Chesterfield sofa and the room’s good bones. The owner chose a high-gloss paint to bring out the lines of the couch and the room’s elegant architectural details.

Watch for this blue-gray color to trend in 2017, as we transition from the light-gray of last year to this year’s bolder hues.