What Are the Best Paint Colors for Rental Homes

With the high season for travel upon us, prepping and maintaining your vacation rental should be top of your to-do list! It’s a great way to make some extra cash over the summer, but no one wants to rent a home that looks old and out of date. Painting your vacation rental is a great way to manage your space. Here are some of the best paint colors for rental homes!

Not only does new paint allow you to refresh the decor overall, but it also improves marketing photos, and the more upscale look can turn one-time visitors into regulars.

Here are color tips for the most common types of rentals, from beach homes to tiny homes.

Beach House Rental Paint Colors

Vacationers who rent beach homes want to feel the unique relaxation that comes only from being near sand and saltwater. Help them relax even more by bringing those colors inside, incorporating blue, green, and sandy beige on the walls and in the furnishings.

This living room draws its color palette from the ocean views. The walls use a paint color like PPG’s Galactica to draw in the color of the ocean. A symphony of blues is broken up only by the mermaid-like green vases.

Dewmist Delight

ppg dewmist beachy green
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ppg galactic beach blue vacation house paint color
Shop PPG Galactica


ppg oatmeal beach rental house paint color
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Don’t limit your paint ideas to walls or floors. Remake mismatched chairs with coordinated paint colors to capture the charm of a seaside cottage.

Love these paint colors inspired by vacation homes? Get more ideas for your dream getaway in our samples portal.


Cabins call for rich, earthy tones, reminiscent of their environment.

Is your rental in the Great Smoky Mountains? Try forest green walls or a deep orange similar to the clay soil. Consider deep gray or smoky blue as your color anchor for cabins in the Rockies or other western locales.


ppg gypsum paint color
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Dark Granite

ppg dark granite
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Annapolis Blue

ppg annapolis blue paint color for cabin
Shop PPG Annapolis Blue


Rental condos are an affordable, convenient alternative for vacationers. Often located on golf courses or in larger cities, their biggest challenge is usually size.

Compact condos get a boost from light-colored walls, making them look bigger. Go for icy lemon like this transitional living room, light gray or pure white. And sense condos are most likely in areas where people will be exploring, it’s best to keep the decor simple, as visitors won’t be spending too much time in the space.

Delicate White

ppg delicate white
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ppg horseradish paint color for condo rental
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Antique White

ppg antique white paint color
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Tiny House

Tiny homes are making a big impact, not just for owners but also on rentals. Many tiny homes have cabin-style decor with log or shiplap walls, and most owners prefer to leave them unpainted. But if you want to paint them — or your tiny home’s walls are Sheetrock — then you have many options.

From light colors, which visually expand the space, to bright and cheerful colors that take advantage of the charming size, it’s hard to go wrong. We recommend sunny yellow, creamy white, or mid-tone gray.


Vining Ivy

ppg vining ivy paint color
Shop PPG Vining Ivy

Clam Shell

ppg clam shell paint color for rental house
Shop PPG Clam Shell

Alpaca Wool

ppg alpaca wool paint color for rental tiny house
Shop PPG Alpaca Wool

Keeping your vacation rental’s decor fresh is one of the best returns on your investment. A comfortable, attractive space can help your guests have a stay they’ll never forget. And not only can a beautiful environment help convert one-timers to regulars, but it might also lead to referrals. All of that from a few cans of the best paint colors for rental homes!

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