9 Paint Colors That Go With Brown Furniture

Brown furniture is as classic as it is practical — perfect for kids, dogs, and, well, life. From taupe to chocolate to wood furniture, this easy-to-live-with neutral color is one of the most popular of all time. Please make the most of it by pairing it with paint colors that show off its natural charm.

PPG Pearls & Lace

Midcentury modern style is known for its minimalist lines and vibrant, earthy colors. In its original incarnation, brown goes with vibrant orange, pink, or teal. But you can give it a modern, Scandinavian twist by pairing it with black and white. Paint your walls Pearls and Lace, a white with a pink undertone to bring out your brown furniture’s wood grain.

PPG Gratefully Grass

When you think of brown, you probably think of trees, rocks, and the teddy bear-brown hills of winter (or summer, if you’re a Californian). When choosing your paint colors, then you can’t go wrong, pulling hues from nature. Try a cloudy, creamy white; neutral greige; or dark, leafy green, (Gratefully Grass is a right choice) — or, like this room, a combo of all three.

PPG Azalea Leaf

What is another natural color that works with brown? Any shade that resembles water — in this case, a soothing, teal blue. Whether your furniture is light brown or dark, you can’t go wrong with a water-colored blue paint color like Azalea Leaf.

PPG Crushed Tomatoes

This image is an excellent example of how updating upholstery color can change the whole color scheme of the room. In the previous photo, the teal walls and white upholstery put the focus on the wood tones of the chair and table. Here, an oxblood-colored wall, using a paint color like PPG’s Crushed Tomatoes, blends in with the chair’s upholstery and wood tones, making the monochromatic space cozy and warm.

PPG Silent Smoke

In this room, the greige walls, using Silent Smoke, act as a foil for all the colors of the room, providing a unifying backdrop for the gray sofa and brown wood coffee table and shelves. They also help the orange in the rug make sense in the color scheme. Subtle — and beautiful.

PPG Balsam

This tan leather sofa pops against soft, sage-green walls (PPG Balsam). To give your tan leather couch a more traditional look, use an Oriental rug and red, green, gold, or orange pillows. But for a modern look, go stark, with black, white, and gray.

PPG Cool Clay

While white cabinets are still the most popular cabinet color, brown is a close second. And we love these hot chocolate-colored base cabinets. The lack of upper cabinets makes the room look bigger. And the rosy brown accent wall, like Cool Clay, paired with the white paint color in the rest of the space, makes it the place everyone wants to gather.

PPG Yucca

In a traditional living room, make your luxurious brown furniture shine. Go for verdigris (PPG’s Yucca is comparable) — not only is it a historic color (paint colors from the early 1800s were surprisingly similar to this green), it’s also an excellent color for highlighting architectural details, like these built-in shelves.

PPG Guacamole

While this green is similar to the paint color in the room with the tan couch, you can see how a color a couple of shades darker makes a dramatic difference. Rather than fading to the background, this color pulls the outdoors in, focusing on the windows and the light, and setting off the happy pops of yellow.

If you’re looking for the right color to make the most of your brown furniture, why not try our Color Tool? This free service lets you browse trending paint colors and order free paint swatches. Try it out and discover your color today, or get a free quote for your paint project today!