Pro Tips for Painting Cabinets in Your Home

Whether it’s in the kitchen or a garage, we depend upon cabinets to keep our homes organized. But over time, cabinets can start to look faded, damaged, or outdated with everyday use. Fortunately, our tips for painting kitchen cabinets is an easy way to transform your home.

Below are some tips about cabinet painting.

An Overview of DIY Cabinet Painting

Start with a thorough cleaning using a sponge and a grease-cutting cleaner. A clean surface free of dirt and dust is essential. Then, sand the cabinets and prime them before getting started with the cabinet paint.

There are many items needed for a DIY kitchen cabinet painting project. You’ll need sandpaper, wood filler, tape, primer, and paint. Tools that come in handy include buckets, tack cloths, mini rollers, foam rollers, paintbrushes, a putty knife, rubber gloves, eye protection, a dust mask, and a shop vacuum.

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The Best Paint for Cabinets

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The best paint for cabinets is one with a glossy finish. Glossy equals durable and cleanable. Oil-based paints offer an artistic look with noticeable brush strokes, but they often take up to a whole day to dry. Meanwhile, latex-based paints provide more even coverage and dry in just a couple of hours.

Consider choosing a high-gloss finish paint for easy cleaning. To reduce paint odor in the house, use low-VOC paint.

Choosing a Color for Cabinet Paint


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It’s also important to choose a cabinet paint color that complements your kitchen. However, your cabinet paint color doesn’t have to match these other surfaces exactly. A bit of contrast can make your room look more interesting.

Mid-range colors that aren’t too light or too dark are typically good choices for cabinets because they won’t show splatters, sun fading, and wear and tear as quickly as lighter or darker options. Dark cabinet paint colors, such as deep blues and reds, often look very nice in large kitchens, while white is a favorite kitchen cabinet color to really brighten up a small space.

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How to Simplify the Painting Process

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When painting kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, or utility room cabinets, it’s smart to remove the cabinet doors and the hardware to simplify the process. This will help eliminate time-consuming mistakes and prevent messes and frustrations during the project, which is always a plus! For the best results and before DIY painting kitchen cabinets, ensure all surfaces are dust-free after sanding by using a vacuum to clean them.

Also, have a dedicated space for the cabinet doors to dry in a garage or basement so that they aren’t in the way of foot traffic. Meanwhile, tape labels will help you easily reassemble the doors in the right places once your project is done.

Get Help with Your Cabinet Painting Project

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Cabinet painting is often a surprisingly big job and best left to the professionals who do this type of work every day. At Paintzen, we make getting quality painting services easy by offering you a fast and free quote and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our licensed, insured, and highly experienced contractors are equipped to handle any size cabinet painting project, and we can even help you choose the right colors and best paint for cabinets based upon your needs and style.

Contact us today to get one step closer to the beautiful cabinets you’ve been wanting!

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