The Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Beige? White? Is your bathroom looking blah? Why not give it a color refresher with one of this coming year’s hottest bathroom paint colors?

Whether you are looking to paint a powder room, a small bathroom, or your master bath, it’s important to think about how you use the bathroom. These varying spaces deserve their own specific decor. And as an interior designer may tell you, the bathroom is a personal space, so your color choices should reflect your personality.

If a white bathroom with white walls and bright white trim is what you desire, then go for it. But because these spaces are generally smaller and more private, it gives you an opportunity to takes some chances with your color schemes.

Though many people think that darker colors can make space feel crowded and cramped, using bold, bright colors in small bathrooms can open up the room and give it an inviting feeling. Plus, you can’t overlook the fun factor. We’ve all gotta go — might as well make it a spot with personality.

We’ve pulled some of the best bathroom colors that are sure to add some pops of color and character to these rooms.

Onyx PPG1011-7

black bathroom paint color
Shop PPG Onyx for a Similar Paint Color

One of this coming year’s top colors is a deep black with hints of green and navy. If you love this hue as much as we do, try our paint partner’s version: PPG’s Onyx.

Morning Breeze PPG1136-3

ppg morning breeze bathroom paint color
Shop PPG Morning Breeze for a Similar Paint Color

Turquoise is an ever-popular choice for bathrooms, and this year we’re celebrating its lighter side, an icy shade that reminds us of Italian ice. For this look, try the minty Morning Breeze.

Confidence PPG1078-5

beige painted bathroom with white tub
Shop PPG Confidence for a Similar Paint Color

If your loo needs a warm-up, go for the gold — or two, as is the case in this pretty space. Try a color like PPG’s Confidence for a similar look.

Blue Phlox PPG1235-2

baby blue painted bathroom
Shop PPG Blue Phlox for a Similar Paint Color

We’ve talked about using blue in bedrooms to get a better night’s sleep, but we love the idea of a bold blue in the loo. Go for an electric blue, calm it down with white subway tile and simple accents, or choose a calming blue-grey that’ll pop with orange hand towels or a yellow glass soap dispenser.

Make your bathroom shine with this wainscotting blue. You can achieve this same style with Blue Phlox (we’d pick it for the pretty name alone).

Chatty Cricket PPG1131-5

mint green bathroom paint color
Shop PPG Chatty Cricket for a Similar Paint Color

Looking for a bit of whimsy? Order up some Chatty Cricket! This rich, grassy green translates across all styles — equally at home in a farmhouse as it is in an uptown flat. Relaxing without being a snoozer, this hue will be there for your morning coffee and your evening wind-down.

For more great color ideas, order free swatches at When you’ve chosen a color, let Paintzen’s team of professional interior painters bring your vision to life!