Dogs at Home: Photos You’ll Love

What makes a house a home? A dog, of course. From furry to friendly dogs always remind you that you’re home. Here are seven adorable pooches and the beautiful rooms they inhabit.

Fun In The Sun

dog sitting in living room

Candice Bergen and Marshall Rose’s dog Jerry enjoys the sitting area on the rear porch of their East Hampton, New York, home. Check out the views of the perennial garden. Talk about a dog’s life!

Here’s a cutie who’s been having some beach-time fun. Wipe your paws before you come in! And check out the little touches that make this entry special: a blue handrail and crisp walls.

The Best Doorbell

It looks like this pup has added some patina of her own to the front door. It’s worth it, though. Nothing beats that happy greeting you get when you walk in the door.

Magic (seated) and Country (reclining), both poodles, show off this foyer’s beautifully carved Gustavian console table and chair.

This cleverly designed mudroom has a pet door that lets the family’s two dogs and two cats come and go as they please. Because they have the run of the house, all furnishings and finishes are pet-friendly and durable, like the beautiful stone tile floors.

Ready To Relax

This sweet pooch featured on The Willow Farmhouse via blends right in with the pretty, farmhouse-white walls.

This cottage-style bathroom is painted in an icy green. It also features a Papillon, named for their butterfly-like ears.

Get out of the dog house and into a freshly painted space with a little help from Paintzen!

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