The Best Pink Paint Colors

Orange isn’t the new Black anymore – pink is. Pink, in all its wonderful shades, has been on the rise. You may remember last year’s obsession with Millennial Pink, a combination of blush pink and salmon that was seen everywhere from fashion runways to furniture stores. We’ve become a society obsessed with color, and maybe it’s because colors can embody our emotions and cultural movements.

In 2016, Pantone surprised the world and named pink as one of their Colors of the Year! So here are the best pink paint colors according to Paintzen!

Pink has been a staple in home design and decor for quite some time. Paintzen professional painters have used pink in everything from baby nurseries to funky, feminine dorm rooms to pastel powder rooms and luxurious living rooms in shades of mauve; pink makes its way into many home paint palettes.

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Modern Pink

modern pink paint color in bedroom
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Pink is a popular shade for those looking to achieve the Modern Farmhouse look; specifically, PPG Paints Tangy Taffy. Anyone looking for a soft, warm, welcoming wall color will surely find success in pink paint.

modern pink paint in bedroom
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Although it falls under ‘reds,’ our color consultants believe pink can act as a versatile neutral. Warmer shades of pink can easily be used as a base shade. Play up the pink undertones by added shades of darker pink or deep reds.

Pale Pink

soft beige pink paint color
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Some paler shades with purple undertones make great options for bedrooms and living rooms. These colors pair well with cooler colors, like silvery-white and gray, and create a space that feels serene.

soft muted popular pink paint color
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Love this look? Paintzen interior painters and color consultants can help you choose the perfect pink shade to paint your bedroom.

Millennial Pink

pink kitchen cabinets
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What exactly makes this pink so different from the rest? According to New York Magazine, this hybrid of rose and beige is the first pink that’s fully realized as androgynous, meaning it’s attractive and accessible to all audiences and age groups.

modern pink paint color
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However, what makes this pink truly special is that it’s a luxurious, more sophisticated version of all the pinks we’ve seen before. And it’s not just for interior design –  you can find this color in clothing, shoes, purses, and cell phone cases.

pink sitting area
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Devoid of all its blue undertones, Millennial Pink warms up all complexions and goes with both athleisure and elegant styles. You don’t have to douse everything you own in that color – treat it as you would a statement piece or necklace.

Download Popular Pink Paint Colors Cheat Sheet

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