10 Trending Wallpaper Styles

After years of duck wallpaper borders and teal-and-rose cabbage roses, wallpaper was persona non grata in the design world. But as we started looking back to the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s for design inspiration, it began popping up on the design fringe. Now it’s come full circle, setting trends in colors and patterns that suit any taste and style. Check out these 10 beautiful trending wallpaper ideas to find one that’s perfect for your space.

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#1 Black and White

wallpaper black and white

The paper’s prints blend in with this small bedroom’s gray walls, balancing the black furniture and giving the small space an unexpected pop of pattern.

#2 Scenes

domio chicago wallpaper

Inspired by a cross between your favorite sports bar and an old doctor’s office, this wallpaper’s pattern is both playful and modern.

#3 Kintsugi

bedroom accent wallpaper

This wallpaper pays homage to kintsugi, reminding us that scars are displayed, not something to hide. Its soft green gives this modern bedroom almost Boho flair.

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#4 Sprinkles

wallpaper installation trends 3

Like sprinkles, this wallpaper is both colorful and creative and belongs to everything. The bright jewel tones of the sprinkles make a beautiful backdrop for rooms from traditional to modern.

#5 Botanical

leafy green wallpaper accent wall

This midcentury modern-style botanical sure does look happy in dark aqua. Perfect for bathrooms, sunrooms, or kitchens, where a leafy print adds a fun, airy vibe.

#6 Geometric

wallpaper installation trends 4

The geometric trend is definitely coming back. Try a delicate version in neutral colors like this one. This wallpaper adds a luxe look to any room.

#7 Polka Dots

wallpaper installation trends 5

The black and white polka dots in this kid’s room are great for any gender and work with so many different kinds of decor.

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#8 Polka Dots (again…)

nursery with gold polka dots

Because, why not? How can you not love this gold polka dot design in this nursery?

#9 Floral

purple flower wallpaper

This wallpaper design is airy and cozy, welcoming and minimal, grown-up, and yet so playful. The floral wallpaper was the inspiration for the whole space, and its whimsical design gives the room depth and texture.

#10 Polka Dots and a Mural

mural wallpaper with polka dots

Do you get the hint? We love polka dots!

If you’re following color trends, why not follow them along with us on our Inspiration Board? There, you can see our latest painting projects, order color swatches, or schedule a design consultation. Sometimes, all it takes to change your world is a simple coat of paint or some wallpaper installed!

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