Home Improvement Ideas For Winter

While we are all bundled up for the winter months, the elements are taking their toll on your home. And when the winter ends, you must have an idea of the post-winter updates you need to make to protect your home. Check out these simple home improvement ideas for winter.

Touch Up Paint

winter home improvement project

Winter’s wet weather and frigid temps are harsh on your home’s exterior. So, slot in a weekend this spring to check the paint on the walls, trim, doors, and shutters, and maybe give them a fresh coat of paint this winter season.

In most regions of the country, the month of May offers the prime temperature range – 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit – for painting your home’s exterior. But end-of-school activities, sports, and vacations all start crowding the calendar in May, so reserving time in your calendar now or finding a painter to complete the work for you. Because it is prime season for painting, painters’ schedules fill up rather quickly.

Clean the Gutters

winter home improvement project

Leaves and branches can clog gutters, keeping water from flowing freely, and backing it up under your eaves. Over time, it can drain down into the foundation, weakening it and causing extensive damage.

Rather than pay that expensive repair bill later, spend a warmer weekend in March or April cleaning the gutters. Then install gutter guards, if you haven’t already. You’ll still have to flush the gutters to get rid of shingling material and straggling leaves, but at least you won’t be scooping out mushy handfuls of wet gutter mulch.

Re-Caulk Windows

winter home improvement project

Keeping windows leak-free helps keep your home cozy and your utility bills down.

Caulk seals air leaks between stationery materials (like a wall and window edges). And it works because it’s flexible enough to fill even small holes. But blowing wind, driving rain and snow, and unpredictable temps can cause even high-quality caulk to fail over time.

The best time to recaulk windows is when the outdoor temperature is about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Do it on a day the humidity is low, so the caulk will adhere properly.

Inspect the Roof

Right now, your roof is probably dealing with some of the worst weather it’ll experience all year. After the last snowfall of the season, check your roof for ice, snow and wind damage.

And if the idea of climbing around up there isn’t giving you the warm fuzzies, put to work that drone you got your kids for Christmas. It can tell you if you’ve got a big problem – like missing shingles or obvious holes – so that you can call the roofer to make a repair.

Keeping your roof in good shape this year can save you costly water damage and repairs later on.

Your home is your biggest asset, and not maintaining it can cost big bucks. So, set aside some time in the near future to give it some TLC and think about some of these simple home improvement ideas for winter that you can implement. A little time now can keep your home looking great — and your long-run costs at a minimum.